Sunday Link-Off: Rest and Recovery

Over the last three days most folks have entertained family and shopped non-stop. Maybe you should take today off… While I take advantage of a calm shopping day. Meanwhile, here’s Rachel McAdams to keep you company while you peruse links.

If you’re like me and have an Italian family that gifts only in cash, here are a few ideas of what to spend it on. I like that Chinese thing third from bottom. (Wall Street Journal)

Before this afternoon’s football action, you might want to read Jason Whitlock’s open letter to Brett Favre. (Fox Sports)

A pizza guy looks to be living the dream… Until the prank that’s being played on him takes a turn for the worst. Some people just have a fear of being filmed. Well, he didn’t like that and… (Kerrathon)

After the jump, Tiger Woods links (again), holiday greetings gone wrong, and how not to claim a Boxing Day discount.

Gee, I wish I thought of these great concepts for a Tiger Woods TV show. Oh well, back to the drawing board for ways to make a quick buck. (Bleacher Report)

Tiger Woods was so busy being vilified for doing the horizontal tango with everyone but his wife that everyone forgot that he wasn’t the only one that’s slept around. That list includes athletes, celebrities, and Washington Post columnists. (Washington Post)

For all the trouble that Tiger got in by sexting his hoes, the police weren’t interested in it. However, when you’re a teenager whose texts end up across half the city, then the police might be interested. (Gizmodo)

By now everyone’s heard about Mike Fisher proposing to Carrie Underwood. What you didn’t know, besides the ridiculously high estimated price of the ring, is who gets to use the empty seats in the players’ wives/girlfriends section of ScotiaBank Place. (Deadspin) Only a biz school grad would find that interesting.

Charlie Sheen was arrested after a complaint was filed claiming that Two and a Half Men was treasonous because it was causing the downfall of American society. Actually, it was a domestic violence complaint but the first story is pretty believable. (BBC)

Another decade retrospective: It’s 54 more of the best catchphrases from the past 10 years. (Bro Bible)

It’s a tiny bit late but here’s the best of the worst holiday greetings posted on Twitter. (Lion’s Den U)

Los Angeles Lakers fans had their own unique holiday greeting for NBA referees and their own team on Christmas Day. (The Big Lead) And the barrage of foam hands from the bleachers knocks Dick Bavetta unconscious. This is a sad day for baseball- I mean, basketball.

Speaking of unique greetings, this kid had a unique way to say hello to an ESPN camera that was focused on him. (College Humor)

And speaking of the Lakers, there are embarrassing ways to hurt yourself and then there’s tripping over a Christmas gift and falling down the stairs like Ron Artest. (Sports Illustrated/AP)

You know I’m looking to fill space when I link the Top Gear Producer’s blog. (Top Gear) This season has been hit and miss but today’s show should be great based on the last few years’ specials.

In holiday related things, here’s the 20 best Christmas gifts from the 90s. Should I feel deprived that I only got #1 and #17. (Thunder Treats)

It’s time for a decade in review video. It’s Jimmy Kimmel’s best unnecessary censorship of the decade. (Unless you’re in Canada… But wait! There’s more.)

Since Kimmel pulled a fast one and decided to block Canada from watching the above video, I found another unnecessary censorship video. I say we ban Jimmy from watching any of the Vancouver Olympics. Let’s see him be relevant without watching the world’s biggest sporting event.

The last couple of days, we’ve been mentioned Boxing Day sales. I just want to give you a friendly reminder that the 10 finger discount doesn’t actually exist with that many people around.

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