Sunday Link-Off: Belated Boss Day Bonanza

tricia-helfer-grace-park-maxim09-7Two for the price of one with Canadian exchange today. Here are Canadian hotties Trisha Helfer and Grace Park.

Diego Maradonna is what the Argentinians would call a footballing legend. However, his tenure as manager of the national team has been less than stellar. Now that his side scraped into the 2010 World Cup, he has a few kind words for his supporters in the press. (Deadspin)

Did you know that Friday was National Boss Day? So what should you get some of the worst bosses in the sports world? (Real Clear Sport)

But what do you do if your ex-boss is a lunatic obsessed with becoming famous? You sell your story to the media. (Gawker)

After the jump, Temco-ized football highlights, something else, and don’t quit your day job, Kareem.

Maybe you should have taken your boss out for a drink. Just don’t have too many and embarrass yourself by turning into this guy who is literally too drunk to move. (Crimesider)

Is email slowly dying and about to be replaced? The Wall Street Journal thinks Google Wave is the start of something good. (WSJ)

This would normally be an Entertainment Link-Off thing but celebrities need to learn to shut the hell up. (LA Times)

And even when celebrities aren’t tweeting in the middle of a feud, anything they put on Twitter will piss someone off. (WSJ)

Canada is on the verge of becoming extremely popular on the world stage. A court case could make brothels legal across the country. (Toronto Sun)

A public service message from the Sacramento Kings: Don’t use medicine balls ever. (Sacramento Bee)

Zombies are a topic of conversation on the next episode of the radio show. We aren’t planning on talking about NBA zombies, though. (Sports Hernia)

Let’s keep building the hype for the 14th season of Top Gear. Here’s a great interview with host Jeremy Clarkson. (BBC)

Who knew that Jon Hamm was a hockey fan? Who knew that he’s getting in early on the Blues? (River Front Times)

Speaking of hockey, the head of the IIHF isn’t very happy that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is considering not letting his players go back to the Olympics in 2014. (CTV Olympics)

The NFL is a little draconian when it comes to dealing with new media. For example, they don’t like videos of NFL games on YouTube. So someone has gone through the trouble of recreating great plays using Tecmo Bowl. (Gibbs 12)

One football highlight that you won’t see is the latest one from Toronto high school football. Actually, you’re likely not to see it anywhere because I don’t think anyone wants to see microwaved shit. (Deadspin)

Today’s photo gallery brings us to the wonderful world of technology. Here’s a look at the 10 coolest laptops on the market today. (Oddee)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar may be a basketball superstar but his memory isn’t so good anymore. That was your line, Kareem!

The Toronto Maple Leafs have announced their latest acquisition: This 9-year-old kid who pulled off a shootout move that the pros struggle with.

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