Entertainment Link-Off: Killer Weekend

shantel vansanten

Summer is coming to an end. Sad but true. Aside from the cooler weather, you can tell that that summer is ending by the fact that movie studios are dumping craptacular flicks for our viewing pleasure. We have two films that are not screened for critics this weekend. First is Halloween II, which is Rob Zombie’s follow-up to his somewhat successful Halloween remake. There’s also the fourth installment of the Final Destination franchise titled “The Final Destination” starring Bobby Campo and Shantel VanSanten (pictured). Whether this will actually be the final destination remains to be seen. I have a sneaking suspicion that it depends on how much money it makes. Oh did I mention it’s in 3D? Great… as if we needed more films that use 3D as a silly gimmick.

After the jump Mac vs. PC, Marvel vs. DC, Fanboys vs. The Weinsteins and Hitler vs. Avatar?

In celebration of the release of Halloween II this weekend, it’s the perfect time to remind ourselves how to survive a slasher flick… well Halloween to be exact. (Film School Rejects)

The FanExpo is going on in Toronto right now. Many people in cosplay are gathering at the Metro Convention Centre for a weekend full of nerdism. Wish I could be there. It’s still nothing compared to Comic-Con though. Anyway, speaking of cosplay, Kirsten Dunst decides to dress up for a McG music video. (Collider)

McG is also desperate to fix the the tarnished fourth film of the Terminator saga. Terminator Salvation director’s cut will feature more action and some boobs. (JoBlo)

Despite the Underworld 4 announcement, Kate Beckinsale has yet to sign onto the film. Darn. (Collider)

Adventureland is a great flick that most people missed out on. Despite having Twilight star Kristen Stewart in the film, it was largely ignored by the general public. You should really check it out. Here is a DVD review for the film. (Latino Review)

Is Pixar making a dinosaur movie? (Latino Review)

Everyone out there are excited for James Cameron’s upcoming sci-fi epic Avatar. Well… almost everyone. Seems like Hitler isn’t warming up to the film. (JoBlo)

Just because I can never get enough of Zombieland, check out the new international trailer. (Trailer Addict)

In other Zombieland related news, the release date in North America has been pushed up a week! Hurray! (Slashfilm)

Fanboys is a great nerdy comedy. Perhaps it could have been a better film if it weren’t for the Weinsteins tampering with it. (Slashfilm)

Ever wonder who are the most dangerous celebs on the internet? (Entertainment Weekly)

In some TV related news, Superman will be making an appearance on Chuck! (Ausiello)

I know Chuck is more of a spy comedy, but it could switch over to a serious tone. Imagine this… Chuck Bartowski… man of action! Can’t do it? Well, this fanmade trailer will do the trick for you! (Give Me My Remote)

Chuck is not the only show nabbing awesome guest stars, Dollhouse has also been a safe haven for actors that are well known in the sci-fi universe. Looks like Summer Glau will be appearing on the show this season. Hurray, the stars have aligned! (TV Squad)

Dollhouse season two features sex and murder. Hmmm… yes please! (E! Online)

Where are my fellow Gleeks? Get your Glee on because the show is premiering in 2 weeks! In the meantime, check out a few clips. (E! Online)

Heroes tops the list for the most pirated TV show of the year. So the show still has a decent following… it’s just that no one cares enough to watch the show as it airs. (BBC)

Jay Leno is desperate for viewers… so he’s going to load up the first week with lots of big names. Let’s take a look here… Kanye West, Tom Cruise, Miley Cyrus… umm… yeah I won’t be tuning in. (TV by the Numbers)

The Superbowl may be months away, but it is interesting to guess which CBS show will be airing after the big game. I would vote for How I Met Your Mother + Big Bang Theory combo! Though I’m sure it would make more sense for CBS to throw in The Mentalist since it could benefit from the additional exposure. (TV by the Numbers)

shantel vansanten 4If you’re not into slasher flicks, Shantel can be next seen in the upcoming season of One Tree Hill. That show may be a sinking ship, but it doesn’t hurt to inject some new blood into it. Shantel will be playing Haley’s (Bethany Joy Galeotti) older sister. Expect more drama ahead. Want more deets on the upcoming season? Let’s see what she has to say about the show. (On the Flix)

shantel vansanten 2At the box office this weekend, the two slasher flicks duke it out. Want to guess who came out on top? (Nikki Finke)

Thanks to the rising Australian dollar, looks like the Green Lantern film is in jeopardy once again. (AICN)

We’ve all seen PC vs. Mac ads out there, but what about “I’m a Marvel… and I’m a DC”? This edition features the Green Lantern and Deadpool talking about Ryan Reynolds.

Since I did bring up the whole Mac vs. PC thing, how about checking out the new Mac ad. This time PC comes prepared with Patrick Warburton!!!

Finally, The Saturdays have released the music video for their new single Forever Is Over. It will be appearing on their upcoming sophomore album which is out this fall.


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