Entertainment Link-Off: Locked and Loaded

rachel nicholsIt’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off! This weekend marks the release of the highly anticipated G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. It’s one of the last summer action-fests, so head out to the theatres to check it out… I know I’ll be there! If you’re not interested in the storyline or anything, just remember this movie features a nifty fight scene between Rachel Nichols (pictured) and Sienna Miller! Mrow!

After the jump more 500 Days of Summer stuff, some movie casting news and almost everybody hates NBC.

Despite the sudden rush of negative reviews, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra seems to be doing fine at the box office. In fact, with a Cinemascore of B+, the fanboys are spreading the positive word of mouth. It just might have legs at the BO for the remainder of the summer. (Nikki Finke)

A smaller film that’s starting to make a nice splash at the box office is 500 Days of Summer. The FOX Searchlight film has expanded by another 800 screens this weekend in hopes of providing a nice counter-programming to the other summer flicks out there. It really is a good film, you can catch the review here in The Lowdown Blog.

To celebrate the nationwide release of the film, 500 Days director Marc Webb released a music video that’s entirely separate from the film. It features Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a nifty fun bank heist in which the bank teller’s heart is stolen along with the cash. (USA Today)

Here is a funny comic that neatly summarizes 500 Days of Summer in 5 frames. (500days.com) Go see the movie, you’ll appreciate this a lot more if you understand the final joke.

The feature film of The Time Traveler’s Wife is finally hitting theatres next weekend. To drum up excitement for the film, here’s four clips for you to check out. (Collider)

Asian fangirls start flailing! Pop superstar Jay Chou has been cast as Kato in the upcoming Green Hornet film. (Slashfilm)

This might be one of the most bizarre cast list I’ve ever seen, but it does look impressive (with the exception of Lindsay Lohan). I suppose Robert Rodriguez’s Machete is worth checking out after all. (CHUD)

It seemed like the Halo film was stuck in Hollywood development purgatory for a long time. Now it appears that it just might hit the big screens sooner than we think… with a certain big name producer breathing life into it. (IESB)

Not news of the week: Boobs are making a return to horror films! (JoBlo)

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are up to no good again. The creative team duo talks about their upcoming film Cemetary Junction. (Entertainment Weekly)

It was another sad week in Hollywood when John Hughes died of a heart attack on Thursday. The man might be gone but he leaves behind quite the legacy. He’s the man that brought us classics like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club. He even had his handprints on those Vacation movies starring Chevy Chase and one of my favourite childhood flicks Home Alone. Let’s take a look back at some of the best quotable moments from his films. (Entertainment Weekly)

Billy Mays also died of a heart attack not too long ago… turns out it was due to cocaine use. (Zap2it)

Now onto some TV news. A show that seems to be DOA is The Jay Leno Show. Having a sketch/talk show during primetime is really rubbing showrunners the wrong way. (LA Times)

Well, not everyone hates The Jay Leno Show. Former NBC Entertainment Head-Honcho Kevin Reilly thinks it might do well. Then again, he also warns that NBC will suck overall. It doesn’t matter if Jay does well or not, the network will end up at the bottom of the big 4 again. The man’s got a point. (TV by the Numbers)

Speaking of NBC, there are a few bright spots. For example: Chuck. Even the current NBC Entertainment President likes it. The show might not be a ratings megahit, but it does have a solid following. Viva Buymoria! Anyway, some tidbits about the show’s third season. (Chicago Tribune)

More about NBC’s Community from the TCA Press Tour! (E! Online)

OMG! Paris Hilton is guest starring on Supernatural this season. Why?? Wow they’re right, the apocalypse is here! (Chicago Tribune) The episode sorta sounds like Jennifer’s Body but I trust that Kripke can spin this into another entertaining hour of TV.

Shield your eyes kids. It is very likely that Shaq will appear on TV with nothing on but a pink Speedo that’s three sizes too small. (Entertainment Weekly)

Another fine example of Joss Whedon’s awesomeness. He believes that Angel will kick the shit out of Edward Cullen. I agree. (MTV)

In anticipation of the release of The Time Traveler’s Wife. Here is a promo video for the film featuring the song Broken by Lifehouse. It’s a fantastic tune! I’m digging up their album from my CD collection to listen to it again.


I was going to post this under the trailer watch, but it works fine here. Here’s the Zombieland Red-Band trailer. It looks amazing. I can’t wait to see this film in the fall.


And finally one of the two recent videos from Wong Fu Productions. It’s already August, so that means we’re only a month away from going back to school. Hip-hop trio Far East Movement and singer/songwriter David Choi team up in this video to provide a few helpful hints to get ready for the upcoming school year.



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