Good Idea/Bad Idea: Premiere Edition

The Humanoids is on hiatus this week. Steve is off somewhere in his secret bunker plotting to take over the world. On second thought, he might be still trying to figure out what “st****** m*****f******” stands for. I’m somewhat baffled too… it contains one too many letters to be “stupid motherfucker”.

Anyway, this might not be the next big hit on The Lowdown Blog, but it’ll do for now. I’m too lazy to keep this up on a regular basis, but expect to see this segment once in a while. Here’s the debut of “Good Idea/Bad Idea”.

Good Idea: Paramount has decided not to screen the latest big budget action flick G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra for the critics out there. If Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was any indication, critics’ opinions don’t really matter (the film has grossed $800M+ worldwide so far). It’s a smart move since they don’t have to waste money to host screenings only to have bad word of mouth spread. In the end it’ll be the fanboys forking out money to see this, not the critics.
Bad Idea: While some internet sites got first dibs at the movie and launched the film’s Tomatometer to 91%, the actual reviews are starting to roll in and the Tomatometer is freeeee…. free falling! Paramount tried, but it couldn’t stop the negative reviews.

Good Idea: New NBC Entertainment President Angela Bromstad loves Chuck! Also, she plans on looking for programming to go along with Friday Night Lights during the summer. More scripted programming? Booyah! Hmm last I checked, Dawn Ostroff passed on Body Politic. Just saying.
Bad Idea: Despite many positives on the NBC front, there’s still many things dragging the network down. They plan on making Southland less complicated to appeal to a larger audience and they’re still going ahead with The Jay Leno Show. They spent the entire TCA panel deflecting questions that involved what would happen if the Jay Leno experiment failed. Yes, that’s a good sign already…

Good Idea: Canadian hip-hop group Swollen Members have hired not one, but three porn stars to be in their latest music video. Note to all the parents, you children will not be “corrupted” as a tamer version will air on the music networks.
Bad Idea: Is there even a bad idea associated with this?

Good Idea: Forbes has released a list of the best cities for singles in 2009. If you are single and are living in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Seattle or Washington D.C., you’ve made the right choice. That’s assuming you’re looking for a partner of course.
Bad Idea: All those singles who chose to live in Memphis, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City or Jacksonville. These 5 cities are at the bottom of the list.

Good Idea: Staying on a hit TV show that pays well.
Bad Idea: Leaving a hit TV show because it’s not forking out enough money. Earlier this week Paula Abdul has decided to quit American Idol because she wasn’t making as much as Simon Cowell (seriously, you’re being unrealistic here) or Ryan Seacrest (ok she does have a point here). Here’s the thing though, once her 15 minutes are gone… she’ll just might fade back into obscurity. Remember the other host from American Idol named Brian Dunkleman? No? Thought so.

Good Idea: Remaining faithful to your partner.
Bad Idea: Infidelity occurs quite often. Some see it as quite the thrill as they explore another relationship. However that thrill normally comes to a full stop when they get caught. A man in Wisconsin cheats on his wife… with not 1 but 4 women! This is one adventurous man. He was about to get into a fun game of bondage only to realize that he got busted. His wife along with 3 other women (one of them is the mistress’ sister) came out of hiding and proceeded to hit the man and taunt him.  Then they decided to glue his penis glued to his stomach. Can someone say “we got a bleeder”?

Good Idea: Doing stupid things and NOT recording it.
Bad Idea: While it is nice to remember things by recording them, it is never a good idea to share them with the public.  We all know that whatever enters the camera is bound to hit the net someday, even private videos (see celebrity sex tapes). A man in Quebec decided to record his 7 year old son driving a car on a dirt road. All the passengers in the car were not wearing any seatbelts and their faces were clearly shown. The police are now investigating and chances are, some charges will be laid. What’s stupider? Letting your 7-year-old drive the family SUV? Or filming the whole thing and posting it on YouTube? A simple case of Youtube fail.

Good Idea: Going for a morning surf before heading off to school (assuming you live by a large body of water).
Bad Idea: Going for a morning surf where there are sharks in the water. A 14 year old boy in Australia went surfing in the morning when he was suddenly attacked by a shark. Luckily the kid survived and only suffered minor injuries. Showing that Australians are truly badass, the kid just simply dressed for school right after this potentially traumatic event. Funny thing, the area is called Broken Head. I wonder where they got that from.


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