Weekend Link-Off: Now With Less Speling Errors

beyonce_si19To celebrate the success of our Beyonce post, she headlines today’s link-off.  After the jump, an ad for the strangest restaurant ever in the history world.  And that spelling error in the title was intentional.

The Washington Nationals may be a major league ball club but both the quality of the team on the field and the spell checkers off the field would seem to contradict that. (Deadspin)

NCAA approves Division 1 women’s beach volleyball.  Well, I say beach volleyball but in order to be politically correct it’s called “sand volleyball.”  So will sand volleyball use the beach volleyball wardrobe? (ESPN)

Ergonomics gone wild!  Keyboards gone horribly wrong when they’re designed with ergonomics, ease of use, and general insanity in mind. (CIO)

Space dust: The galactic taste treat. (Daily Telegraph)

The new Yankee Stadium has seen a substatial increase in home runs over last year.  It has nothing to do with the fact that it’s a new stadium or players on the juice.  No, the seats are accelerating the air heading out to rightfield. (CNBC)

Since I’m in Canada, I don’t really understand the whole Erin Andrews obsession that’s swept the blogosphere.  Well, besides the obvious reasons.  Fortunately, Dan Shanoff of The Sporting News does a good job of figuring it out for me. (The Sporting Blog)

The Vancouver Canucks have been jinxed by a local blog that’s asked readers to submit Stanley Cup parade routes.  That will always end well. (The White Towel)

Since we’ve been doing a lot of NHL playoff coverage the last week and a half, here’s a list of NHL players and celebrities separated at birth. (Sports Illustrated)

Another chapter in the book of “Are Race Car Drivers Athletes”.  This time, Formula 1 drivers. (F1 Fanatic)

Good news Facebook users.  Facebook has decided that they don’t completely own you.  They just own you until you delete your account. (CBC)


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