Sunday Link-Off: Vampire Weekend

Steve is off living the good life in the city this weekend, so it’s Jackie here covering for the Sunday Link-Off. Kicking off this entry is Maggie Q, who’s starring in the sci-fi vampire flick Priest alongside Paul Bettany. Better yet, you can also catch her on the CW’s Nikita… which is a surprisingly good show.

After the jump, a Blue Jays jersey that’s sending the wrong message, Stephen Harper wants to control the internet, people still want to sleep with Jessica Alba and Johnny Depp, the top 10 least stressful jobs revealed and watch Samuel L. Jackson play Black Ops.

While we’re on some vampire related topic, the trailer for the remake of Fright Night has finally surfaced! Yes we get to see a fanged Colin Farrell in action, but the main question is… where is David Tennant at??? (Slashfilm)

Couldn’t fit this in last night’s ELO, so here it is! The first review of an unfinished cut of Transformers: Dark of the Moon has surfaced! Get excited folks! (AICN)

Bill Simmons is prepared to launch his new ESPN-owned website; however before it even makes its debut, there’s already an online anonymous blogger trashing it already. In fact, the takedown sounds so good that it just might be coming from an inside source. (The Big Lead)

A special Toronto Blue Jays jersey has shown up, but it’s left baffled about the true meaning behind it really is. (Sportress of Blogitude)

It’s sad news for college hoops fans when Gus Johnson and CBS couldn’t reach a deal to keep him at the network. To those that will miss having him call the NCAA games, here’s a tribute providing clips of his calls for your viewing pleasure. (Unathletic)

Heavy drinking on a night out in Vegas not only inflicts damage on your liver, it also eats a huge chunk of your wallet. (Deadspin)

Stephen Harper is plotting to making hyperlinking and anonymity illegal in Canada. Well ain’t that a slippery slope. One day the government will have control of the internet access as well… why does that sound so familiar? (Maclean’s)

Like many towers out there, the CN Tower is hoping to mooch more cash from you by letting you walk on the ledge outside. (Yahoo)

Showing that marriage doesn’t quite turn off people’s desires, celebs that top the list of who people want to have affairs with are Jessica Alba and Johnny Depp. (FOX News)

Feeling a little overworked? Consider switching over to the one of the professions listed as the top 10 least stressful jobs! Funny how most of them fall under the healthcare category. (Time) It might also be fun to point out that Steve chose the wrong profession.

We’re halfway through the NHL playoffs. With the conference finals underway, here are 12 things to be on the lookout for. (The Toronto Star)

Turns out Osama bin Laden has his own stash of pron. I guess he needed something to do while hiding from the world. (LA Times)

Youtubers Epic Meal Time deserves an epic tribute, so here’s an awesome remix generated from 15 of their episodes.

Star Wars with a French existentialist twist!

Ever imagine what Samuel L. Jackson would sound like if he played Black Ops? Well take a look at this. Just watch out for the NSFW language.


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