Sunday Link-Off: The Stories They Don’t Want You to Know

brooke-lawson-playboy15-13bOops! I was busy working on some writing for the week and completely missed that there was supposed to be a set of links that went up this morning. I did my annual Video Game Awards / VGX / The Game Awards write-up that will be posted this Thursday. I’m also working on the Doctor Who review for this week. There will also be a gaming column up either tomorrow or Tuesday.

For now, we have some links to do. Since I’ve been doing a lot of games writing, let’s kick off with Brooke Lawson who the internet might better know under the stage name Dodger.

The terrorists in the Paris attacks didn’t use any super-secret encryption or other under the radar means to plan the attack. They did it right under everyone’s noses. (Wall Street Journal)

It’s already time to start year-end awards. MacLean’s names Justin Trudeau their newsmaker of the year. (MacLean’s)

What do you really know about the John Furlong case? I’m guessing very little that is factually accurate. You see, the abuse allegations against John Furlong were never proved false in a court of law. In fact, the only legal proceeding regard Furlong that went before the courts has proven that people are allowed to make statements that are not necessarily accurate when defending oneself from a serious attack. So here are the sworn affidavits alleging abuse at the hands of John Furlong. (Canadaland)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The World This Week

angelina-jolie-vogue15-01We didn’t have too much on the Paris attacks on Sunday but there has been a lot of new articles and analysis about the attacks since then. There is a lot of interesting insight into the politics of a terrorist attack in today’s links.

So I think it’s time to conclude the introduction and commence the Wednesday links. Let’s kick off with Angelina Jolie.

Naturally, intelligence agencies are using the Paris disaster to try to get more powers. They’re ignoring that story that just came out that said that the pre-9/11 CIA didn’t need massive privacy invasions to find out that it was going to happen. (The Guardian)

A French Redditor tells the tale of how he was so desperate to escape the Bataclan that he crawled over bodies to get away. (Upvoted)

To America, France has always seemed something like a political pawn. After years of bashing the French, the political right is now embracing them as friends for political gain. (IBT)

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