Wednesday Link-Off: The World This Week

angelina-jolie-vogue15-01We didn’t have too much on the Paris attacks on Sunday but there has been a lot of new articles and analysis about the attacks since then. There is a lot of interesting insight into the politics of a terrorist attack in today’s links.

So I think it’s time to conclude the introduction and commence the Wednesday links. Let’s kick off with Angelina Jolie.

Naturally, intelligence agencies are using the Paris disaster to try to get more powers. They’re ignoring that story that just came out that said that the pre-9/11 CIA didn’t need massive privacy invasions to find out that it was going to happen. (The Guardian)

A French Redditor tells the tale of how he was so desperate to escape the Bataclan that he crawled over bodies to get away. (Upvoted)

To America, France has always seemed something like a political pawn. After years of bashing the French, the political right is now embracing them as friends for political gain. (IBT)

To offset the love for France, the GOP Presidential candidates are looking to ban Syrian refugees from America. (Washington Post)

GQ celebrated its 20th Men of the Year issue by having President Obama interviewed by sports personality Bill Simmons. Okay…? (GQ)

This story was supposed to run on Gawker itself before Gawker decided it wasn’t going to report on Gawker anymore: Gawker has a problem with its treatment of women. (Medium)

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau has told the Justice Minister to start proceedings to legalize marijuana. (Vice)

Bernie Sanders isn’t up a lot of ground in the Democratic Presidential race but he sure is playing a big role. (The New Yorker)

The so-called female Viagra isn’t selling well at all. There are a lot of reasons including not having an immediate effect and having some of those side effects things. (Bloomberg)

The man, the myth, the legend Jay Hunter of OSW Review tells the secrets behind his show’s success. (Irish Academy)

One enterprising Redditor has put together a pretty good comparison of wrestlers to Presidential candidates. (/r/SquaredCircle)

Not that they needed to do too much but Biggi and Banzai broke Fallout 4.


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