F1 Chinese Grand Prix: More Races, More Problems

I think we’ve gone over this a few times on the blog but the easiest way to make an F1 race exciting is for there to be a little bit of chaos to shake up the order. Often, it’s changing weather conditions that do the trick. For the Chinese Grand Prix, it was a melee at the start that mixed up the field and forced racing to happen.

Of course, as usual, racing didn’t happen at the front of the field. Nico Rosberg didn’t lead the whole way but it wasn’t like he was strongly challenged for the win either as he scored his third win of the season and sixth-in-a-row going back to 2015.

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F1 Bahrain Grand Prix: Demolition Derby

It’s always fun when a pattern develops. I’m not talking about Nico Rosberg winning once again. While Nico Rosberg has won five races in a row, he might not have done so if not for another pattern that might be developing this season. Lewis Hamilton once again started on pole but couldn’t cleanly get through the first turn which cost him a chance at the win.

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F1 Australian Grand Prix: Red Flag Spells Danger

f1-2016-australia-podiumFor all the rules changes during the off-season involving qualifying and the radio ban, all it took was new rules over tyre selection and usage and a red flag to shake up the Australian Grand Prix. Remove the red flag and it’s likely that Sebastian Vettel would have won the season-opening race. However, a red flag for a massive crash involving Fernando Alonso and a questionable strategy call gave the win to Nico Rosberg.

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F1 Austrian Grand Prix: Closing the Gap

f1-2015-austria-rosberg-victoryWe’re back with F1 coverage after apparently missing nothing of importance at the Canadian Grand Prix. Fortunately, the racing gods made up for that by allowing me to miss absolutely nothing at this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton had a slow start and that’s all Nico Rosberg needed to win the race.

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F1 Monaco GP: To Pit or Not to Pit

f1-2015-monaco-rosberg-victoryFor the first 64 laps, Lewis Hamilton dominated the Monaco Grand Prix. Unfortunately for Hamilton, the race was 78 laps, not 64. An ill-advised call to the pits under safety car took Hamilton from the lead to third place on a circuit where passing is next to impossible.

Instead of Hamilton taking home the dominant race victory, it was his teammate, Nico Rosberg, who won his third-straight Monaco Grand Prix. Whether he actually earned this one is a matter of debate.

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F1 Spanish Grand Prix: The Other Guy

f1-2015-spain-rosberg-victoryFor all the passion that the Spanish have for motorsports, they really do have a terrible Grand Prix. The Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona has been absolutely dreadful since they put in the Tilke-chicane in the final sector. They can support four MotoGP races but I’d put it down to high ticket prices and terrible racing as to why Spain can seem to barely support one Formula One Grand Prix.

Anyway, there was a race yesterday in Spain. For the first time this season, Nico Rosberg found his way to both the pole and the top step of the podium as he scored his first win of 2015.

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F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Double the Points, Double the Fun

f1-2014-abu-dhabi-hamilton-world-championDouble points, regular points and no points. It doesn’t matter what the points on offer would have been in the final race of the 2014 Formula One World Championship because the result would have been the same. With an ERS failure crippling his car for the final half of the race, reliability was finally on Lewis Hamilton’s side as he scored the win and clinched the World Drivers’ Championship.

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F1 Brazilian Grand Prix: And Then There Was One (Race)

f1-2014-brazil-rosberg-victoryIn Formula One, all it takes is one mistake to ruin your day. Lewis Hamilton had the superior race pace despite not having as quick qualifying paste as his teammate, Nico Rosberg. However, a spin at the end of his second stint ended any chance he had of getting past Rosberg and instead kept his teammate alive in the hunt for the World Drivers’ Championship.

Of course, that wasn’t all of the news of the weekend. Money was still a hot topic of conversation and it looks like that discussion is only going to get more contentious from here.

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F1 Russian Grand Prix: From Russia, No Love

f1-2014-russia-hamilton-checkered-flagFor the first time in 100 years, Russia held a Grand Prix motor race and for the first time, it was Formula One racing in Russia. And while the Bond film might be called From Russia With Love, there is no love lost between the two chief protagonists in the 2014 F1 World Drivers’ Championship. The fierce rivalry between the two led to a spectacular first corner confrontation that was the race’s only memorable moment as Lewis Hamilton held his nerve and picked up the win in Russia.

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F1 Italian Grand Prix: I Am My Own Worst Enemy

f1-2014-italy-hamilton-checkered-flagRegardless of the drama of the Belgian Grand Prix, this season has been all about the battle of the Mercedes teammates. Nico Rosberg might be leading the championship right now but he still has fewer wins than teammate Lewis Hamilton. He also has fewer retirements than Lewis which is why he’s in the Championship lead.

But that doesn’t mean that Rosberg is untouchable. Just because luck and speed has been on his side for most of the season doesn’t mean that the championship is his. All it took was one big slip up for Rosberg to throw away the lead of this race and hand momentum back to Hamilton.

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