Sunday Link-Off: Well, That Was a Week

martha-hunt-victoriassecret14-11Just when I thought that everything was happening at the start of the week, it just kept going. You didn’t have to the type of person to closely follow the news to know that there was all sorts of things happening in the world this week. We’ll do our best to keep you posted with this week’s links.

Since we have a lot of links from America this week, let’s start with American model Martha Hunt.

Reporter Wesley Lowery was arrested for being a reporter in Ferguson, Missouri. Here’s his account of the arrest. (Washington Post)

A reporter took to the ground in Ferguson as part of the protest movement. This is what happened. (Grantland)

Despite all the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, one question remains unanswered. Why did Michael Brown really die? (The New Yorker)

A lot of people hate this column but I agree completely. Expressions of grief about people you don’t know often times end up being shallowly about you rather than the person who is dead. It’s a race to the bottom. (Politico)

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been indicted by a grand jury on two felony counts of abuse of power. That’ll put a dampener on his presidential hopes. (Texas Observer)

A new study suggests that the people who do the grunt work for your organization are more valuable that the leaders. As a grunt worker myself, I agree wholeheartedly. (Harvard Business Review)

Last weekend, I bought the DDP Yoga max pack. It’s still in the mail but stories like this is why I’m excited. (New York Times)

It’s the official Zoo With Roy zoo with Roy recap. (Zoo With Roy)

With SummerSlam this weekend, you might want to brush up on your insider knowledge with Shoemaker’s handy wrestling dictionary. (The Masked Man) The important terms to brush up on not included in this are “The Conqueror,” “The Beast Incarnate,” “The One in 21 and 1” and “BROCK LESNAR.”

Speaking of the WWE, ring announcer Justin Roberts takes you behind the scenes of the Fed to explain what they do off-camera and what it means to the fans. (Medium)

Elle Quebec wrote an article about Canadian tennis sensation Eugenie Bouchard. The only problem is that they used photos of Maria Sharapova. (The Big Lead)

The New York Daily News sent a self-congratulatory internal memo for the SEO spectacular that was Robin Williams’ death. This is why old media can’t die. They aren’t beholden to SEO to the point of forfeiting their morals. (Mediaite)

Al Gore has temporarily taken time away from his hunt for ManBearPig to sue Al Jazeera over their purchase of Current TV. (Bloomberg)

Keith Olbermann comes up with a hypothetical series of rules changes for Major League Baseball that he would make if he was the commissioner.


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