Entertainment Link-Off: Save the Best Piece for Last

It’s another flashback weekend in Hollywood! First off there’s James Cameron’s Titanic revisit. On the other end there’s the latest installment of the American Pie franchise with American Reunion. Katrina Bowden snatched up a role in the film, so let’s kick things off with her latest shoot from FHM.

After the jump, Andrew Stanton reveals where he blew out his budget on John Carter, a look at Oliver Stone’s latest flick, goodbye One Tree Hill, buy District 12 of The Hunger Games, catch a live-action version of Mega Man and new music from Kina Grannis. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Apple of the Eye

In theatres this weekend, you can catch the CGI-heavy sequel to Clash of the Titans or perhaps check out a visually flashy and colourful children’s flick Mirror Mirror starring Lily Collins. Yeah neither sound all that appealing.

After the jump, there are a lot of unnecessary sequels out there, the apple pie gets its revenge, Kate Winslet hates the Titanic theme song, Terra Nova is dead, Tenacious D returns and some superheroes got a Lego makeover. Continue reading