Entertainment Link-Off: Save the Best Piece for Last

It’s another flashback weekend in Hollywood! First off there’s James Cameron’s Titanic revisit. On the other end there’s the latest installment of the American Pie franchise with American Reunion. Katrina Bowden snatched up a role in the film, so let’s kick things off with her latest shoot from FHM.

After the jump, Andrew Stanton reveals where he blew out his budget on John Carter, a look at Oliver Stone’s latest flick, goodbye One Tree Hill, buy District 12 of The Hunger Games, catch a live-action version of Mega Man and new music from Kina Grannis.

LOL! Director Andrew Stanton reveals the secret behind the bloated budget of John Carter. Glad to see that he still get a laugh out of it despite the disappointing box office take for the film. (Twitter)

DVD cover art for John Carter certainly looks better than the posters released to the theatres… (Geek Tyrant)

So James Cameron planned a 3D re-release of Titanic. Fine. Now a South Korean company wants you to experience that entire thing in 4D. Keen on having salt water sprayed on your face? (Entertainment Weekly)

Titanic 3D and American Reunion showdown at the theatres this weekend. Here’s a fun list of comparisons between the movies to see what differences… or perhaps similarities they might have! (Toronto.com)

Damon Lindelof does not believe Prometheus is a true prequel to Alien. In fact his argument sounds pretty good. If it holds true, then so be it! However, let’s just hope he’s not just splitting hairs in this one. (Blastr)

The poster for Oliver Stone’s upcoming flick Savages looks pretty solid. (JoBlo) As for the trailer… it leans more towards trashy good fun. (MTV)

Uh oh! Despite the ratings bump in Community lately, it seems like things behind the scenes aren’t so peachy. Should we be expecting an early departure from Chevy Chase in season 4? (Deadline)

Perhaps cooler heads will prevail. Showrunner Dan Harmon took it upon himself to issue an apology. Sounds great right? Well there was no mention of Chevy Chase anywhere in there. Hopefully the two can work out their differences behind the camera and away from the spotlight. (Cinema Blend)

There will be a slight change in the 3D re-release of Titanic in theatres this weekend. No it’s not the 3D conversion… it’s actually the star formation in the night sky during a certain scene in the movie… (Slashfilm)

Non-shocker of the week: Adam Sandler makes the sweeps at the Razzies! (Slashfilm)

Imagine Peter Griffin stuck inside the body of a teddy bear. Yeah, that’s what you get in the latest red-band trailer for the film Ted, starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Seth Macfarlane. It’s actually quite amusing. (Funny or Die)

In other trailer news, the Total Recall remake hits the interwebs! There’s some decent CG, but it doesn’t look nearly as fun/goofy as the original. At least Kate Beckinsale looks quite hot in this! (Apple) Better yet, how about watching the trailer with director commentary from Len Wiseman? (MTV)

I have never thought One Tree Hill would ever last 9 seasons but here it is. Here’s a look back at the series’ 187 episode run. (Star News)

You would think that readers in the 21st century would be colour-blind and not really get worked up over the race of a certain character. Clearly that’s not the case with The Hunger Games. (The New Yorker)

Hunger Games fans, did you know you can buy District 12 with $1.4 million??? (The Hollywood Reporter)

Music recommendation of the week, Make It Go by Kina Grannis. All the proceeds from this song goes to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Support for a good cause!

KevJumba goes sci-fi. Fun little short to check out for now.

Here’s a fan made live action version of Mega Man. The video is far from perfect but given it’s $700 production budget, it’s pretty damn impressive!

2 thoughts on “Entertainment Link-Off: Save the Best Piece for Last

  1. Thank God Total Recall doesn’t look as goofy as the original. The original Total Recall while fun, is a cheese-fest filled with bad acting, terrible dialogue, and corny one-liners.


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