Sunday Link-Off: The Dangers of Stardom

By our standards from the last couple of months, today’s linkdump is fairly light on politics. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have some interesting links for you to peruse. In keeping with changing things up a bit, let’s start with Romanian model Andreea Mantea who makes her first appearance on the blog.

Last week saw the American Vice Presidential candidate debate. The pundits, at least the unbiased ones, all give the win to Joe Biden. (Daily Kos)

If you didn’t pick Joe Biden as the winner of the debate, chances are you picked moderator Martha Raddatz who laid down the law during the debate. (NPR)

Ahead of next week’s presidential debate, David Maraniss examines Barack Obama’s debate tactics and what was different about his first debate against Mitt Romney. (Washington Post)

After the jump, Mitt Romney vs. the truth, Liverpool FC blackmails a fan and how to break an electoral college tie. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Big Effing Deal

It’s a late and abbreviated version of The Humanoids this week. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t tackling the biggest fucking deals in the world this week. Whether it’s dropping F-bombs, dropping bombshells or just bombing, it’s in this week’s column. A lot of stuff is happening at Lowdown HQ this week including the biggest fucking deal in our history: Lowdown Episode #50 which is coming this Tuesday. Of course, the fact that it’s nowhere close to being through editing is a problem. Yup, we’re completely screwed. Continue reading