Sunday Link-Off: The Dangers of Stardom

By our standards from the last couple of months, today’s linkdump is fairly light on politics. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have some interesting links for you to peruse. In keeping with changing things up a bit, let’s start with Romanian model Andreea Mantea who makes her first appearance on the blog.

Last week saw the American Vice Presidential candidate debate. The pundits, at least the unbiased ones, all give the win to Joe Biden. (Daily Kos)

If you didn’t pick Joe Biden as the winner of the debate, chances are you picked moderator Martha Raddatz who laid down the law during the debate. (NPR)

Ahead of next week’s presidential debate, David Maraniss examines Barack Obama’s debate tactics and what was different about his first debate against Mitt Romney. (Washington Post)

After the jump, Mitt Romney vs. the truth, Liverpool FC blackmails a fan and how to break an electoral college tie.

One more VP debate link. It’s a look at the debate in GIFs. It’s full motion Biden ownage. May even pwnage. (The Guardian)

If Mitt Romney ever wanted a difficult debate opponent, he should try doing battle with the truth. Oh, wait, that’s Mitt’s whole campaign. Anyway, he’s lying about health insurance again. (Talking Points Memo)

And in keeping with that theme, here’s why Mitt’s tax plan still won’t work. (Bloomberg)

While Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are attacking Mitt Romney’s policy proposals, the Democrats have left the mudslinging to Senate majority leader Harry Reid. (BuzzFeed)

TV Ontario asked some pundits which candidate is better for Canada. Now if only people would ask which candidate would be better for America as opposed to which candidate is less black and Muslim, maybe they could get somewhere. (The Daily Beast)

You might have heard that the USADA has released the findings of their investigation into Lance Armstrong’s doping. Could he be the biggest fraud in sporting history? (The Guardian)

Normally, fake sports rumour mongerers are left to their own devices because they’re generally harmless. That’s not how Liverpool FC deals with those folks. They blackmailed one popular rumour mongerer into revealing that he was fake otherwise they would ruin his life. (Deadspin)

Will Leitch examines how Michael Wilbon’s ESPN-fuelled rise to superstardom has changed his attitude. (Sports on Earth)

Hulk Hogan is currently on a publicity tour to promote an upcoming TNA Wrestling pay-per-view. In this interview, he talked about The Iron Sheik, his sex tape and more. (The Big Lead)

I’ll have more on this tomorrow but with Fox getting a national cable package for Major League Baseball, what will happen to Fox’s current cable sports channels? (Fang’s Bites)

The crew behind Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII talk about what they’re trying to accomplish with this game to get the series back on track. (Kotaku)

Ever wonder if blowing on your Nintendo cartridges actually helped? It might have actually done more harm than good. (Mental Floss)

So what would happen if the US Presidential election ends in a tie?

Just for fun, here’s an a capella rendition of the Super Mario Brothers theme.


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