Sunday Link-Off: Under Control

We’ve reached the end of another week. Shockingly, I didn’t freeze to death here in Canada. The week before last was above zero and most of the snow melted. From Thursday through to last night, I’d say I’ve seen about a foot-and-a-half of snow. Why the hell did anyone establish a permanent settlement somewhere so cold and snowy? Anyway, let’s heat things up with Jennifer Garner.

President Obama signed his executive orders on gun control that Congress will eventually veto because the NRA has intimidated what little common sense remains in the Republican Party. Anyhow, here’s a look at what Obama’s proposal includes. (Think Progress)

Shootings in America aren’t just a mass shooting problem. In the month after Newtown, 919 people were killed by guns. (National Post)

It’s only four years after Barack Obama made history by becoming the first black President in United States history. However, just by looking at him, you couldn’t tell that it’s been only four years. (Washington Post)

After the jump, a look at the inconclusive link between violence and video games, where does Livestrong’s money go and Luongo Unchained.

Part of the President’s executive orders on gun control is a request to study any correlation or causation effect between violent video games and violence. However, there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence showing a correlation between the two. (Kotaku)

It turns out that Subway has been living a lie for years. Their famed foot-long sandwiches are only 11″-longs. I demand a refund the equivalent of one inch for every Subway sandwich I’ve had the misfortune of eating. (Gawker)

Remember how Donald Trump loved Deadspin? Well, now that they told him off with their reply, he’s back to making shit up again. (New York Magazine)

The Livestrong Foundation is considered the only good thing that Lance Armstrong has ever done but is that even legit? If you follow the money, they aren’t exactly about cancer research. (Outside Magazine)

CNN is dropping Sports Illustrated as their online sports content provider for the SEO scumbags at Bleacher Report. What effect might this have on the big online sports outlets? (Awful Announcing)

Just when you thought sports athlete love lives were weird enough, it sounds like Tiger Woods might re-marry his ex-wife. (With Leather)

The NHL returned yesterday. The Iron Sheik was very happy about it. (Days of Y’Orr)

There’s a new Final Fantasy game is out for iOS. However, Final Fantasy: All The Bravest appears to be nothing but a blatant cash grab. So it’ll be very familiar if you played FF13. (Forbes)

Photo gallery time! First, it’s the best of the Ikea monkey meme. (Unreality)

And here’s part two of the best and worst of WCW promo photos. (With Leather)

Since we’ve got a fair bit of politics in here, listen to Will McAvoy talk about why America isn’t so great anymore.

Since the NHL is back, Bloge Salming and Down Goes Brown are back making videos. Their first of the season is a movie trailer about Luongo going to the Leafs.

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