Sunday Link-Off: Selfie

Hello and welcome to The Lowdown Blog. Okay, that’s the podcast intro but we recorded an episode yesterday and I’m going to start the editing soon. Hopefully, I’ll have it up this week. If not, we’ll be missing some E3 coverage. At least that’ll be on the blog.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s change things up and kick things off with Kate Hudson.

You’ve probably heard the term about how the rich get richer but it’s actually true. Even the IRS helps the rich get richer as they make more money. (Washington Post)

How did the Americans make their latest strike against ISIS? By back-tracking a selfie. (Washington Times)

Penn Jillette has been watching official videos from Presidential candidates and has found out what might make Bernie Sanders the most formidable candidate on the trail. (CNN)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

gillian-jacobs-criticschoice15-01I think I’ve got a good mix of links today. We’ve got some stories about modern society and some about politics and some about FIFA. This has been a pretty interesting week so far and we’re really only two days into it. Granted, in my many years doing this blog, that usually means a dull back half of the week.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for the links. Since Community just wrapped up Season Six, here’s Gillian Jacobs.

Here in longform news that is obvious any time people go on the internet: “Badly educated men in rich countries have not adapted well to trade, technology or feminism.” (The Economist)

Hilary Clinton might be the most popular politician in America. She’s so popular that the media machine that hates the Clintons might be broken by popular support to the contrary. (Vox)

Breaking news: Your scoop doesn’t matter any more. (Gawker)

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Sunday Link-Off: Power Trip

eva-green-campari14-09I know that no one is particularly concerned with my personal problems but I got some weird cold or flu this week. Friday, I couldn’t eat a damn thing. Saturday, I was tired all day to the point of napping in the middle of the afternoon and Jackie can tell you that I don’t do sleep at the best of time. So long story short, I don’t feel like writing right now but we soldier on.

I was going to kick this post off with a picture of Anna Kendrick from that Marie Claire photoshoot, maybe even the same one Jackie used. What’s it they say about great minds and fools? Anyway, here’s Eva Green.

You not know the name but the most powerful member of President Obama’s administration is Valerie Jarrett. (The New Republic)

Here’s a story of a writer named Adrian Chen who wasn’t much of an Anonymous fan because they trolled him once back in 2011. (The Daily Dot)

Have you heard of Alex from Target? He’s a teenage boy whose picture of him working a checkout at Target turned him into a celebrity. Here’s a look at his newfound fame from his side. (New York Times)

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