Wednesday Link-Off: Truthiness

giada-de-laurentiis-campari15-02Is the truth really a matter of perspective? I know there are two sides to every story and the truth often lies somewhere in the middle. It almost seems like politicians are rewarded more as they stray farther from the truth. It’s not any one side, either. It’s as if the farther you get from the political centre on either end of the spectrum, the farther you get from the truth.

We’ll have more on that in a minute as we do the Wednesday set of links. Let’s kick things off today with Giada de Laurentiis.

The PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter goes from True to Pants On Fire. The Donald’s claim that thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheered when the World Trade Center buildings came down could break the scale. (PolitiFact)

On that note, Bernie Sanders wants his shot at Trump to challenge his “facts.” The trick with people who have no facts is that they’ll force people to spend so long debunking made up stuff that they’ll never have the time to make their own points. (The Hill)

It’s all because Trump is trying to appeal to the GOP base to win a primary. Will this help him win an election? Most of the world hopes not. (The Guardian)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Just the Worst

giada-de-laurentiis-daytimeemmys13-02I’m working on a couple of video games post for the next couple of days, including a fun little column about the gaming industry’s obsession with copying Call of Duty. For now, it’s the middle of the week links. Let’s start off with celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis.

I know that EA is the twice-defending Worst Company in America but the Bank of America really should have won. (The Consumerist)

Dick Cheney thinks that Edward Snowden is a traitor. Says the man who led America into a fictitious war. (Politicus USA)

Bill Nye has gone from the Science Guy to the Science Warrior. He’s not just teaching kids about science but people who should know better like the media and politicians. (New York Times)

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