Entertainment Link-Off: Scandelous

Maybe Jessica Simpson should consider getting in the middle of a serious scandal because she has nothing else going for her… Besides the obvious.

In a sign that there is a God, Blake Lively is considering posing for Playboy. The only thing is that Hef has to cough up more money than ever before (WWTDD) I think it would be worth it.

For all the complaints about NBC’s Olympic coverage, there have been good moments. Okay, it’s limited to Stephen Colbert mocking them. (Gawker TV)

Spike TV just optioned a pilot about a sex addicted caddy whose misadventures affect the golfer who hired him. The caddy’s name is Tiger. Have I heard this somewhere before? (Sportress of Blogitude)

After the jump, London, ON, mentioned on a major blog, more Olympic stuff, and Gary Coleman lays down the law. Continue reading