Entertainment Link-Off: Scandelous

Maybe Jessica Simpson should consider getting in the middle of a serious scandal because she has nothing else going for her… Besides the obvious.

In a sign that there is a God, Blake Lively is considering posing for Playboy. The only thing is that Hef has to cough up more money than ever before (WWTDD) I think it would be worth it.

For all the complaints about NBC’s Olympic coverage, there have been good moments. Okay, it’s limited to Stephen Colbert mocking them. (Gawker TV)

Spike TV just optioned a pilot about a sex addicted caddy whose misadventures affect the golfer who hired him. The caddy’s name is Tiger. Have I heard this somewhere before? (Sportress of Blogitude)

After the jump, London, ON, mentioned on a major blog, more Olympic stuff, and Gary Coleman lays down the law.

Congratulations, London, Ontario! You’ve just made your first LO. Too bad it’s for a series of bad jokes that are supposed to teach kids about safe sex but will likely scar them for life. (Perez Hilton)

The spiritual home of music greatness, Abbey Road Studios, is up for sale. I say we take up a collection and we’ll buy it as a Lowdown Blog readers cooperative. (BBC)

Now Stephen Colbert wasn’t in Vancouver just to visit Bob Costas. He’s got a few different things on his plate at the Olympics. (CBC)

For all the attention that NBC gets for its poor coverage, there is a part of the CTV coverage that everyone hates. The theme song. (Chart Attack)

The MLB Network is looking to become a big player in cable TV. Their big idea: An Ozzie Guillen reality series. That would actually be worth paying for the whole channel. (Fanhouse)

Tonight Show bandleader Kevin Eubanks will be leaving the show because he’s tired of all the bullshit and politics at NBC he wants to pursue individual projects. (New York Times)

When you’re a multi-billionaire, waking up in the morning is inviting a lawsuit. That’s why the latest frivolous lawsuit that JK Rowling is facing isn’t much of a surprise. (CBC)

Scientists say that King Tut really wasn’t all that he’s cracked up to be. Something about inbreeding. Maybe the southern Confederate states are really an advanced society. (NPR)

Want to look like an ice-hole? Then use this handy photo gallery full of the worst outfits seen during the first 7 days of the Olympics. (Daily Telegraph) Not pictured: Johnny Weir.

I’m pretty sure Jackie posted the Single Ladies football dance from Glee but I think this elementary school parody is better. It’s also a better music video than that high school video I posted on an SLO weeks ago.

Gary Coleman goes on The Insider and get badgered by some self-important windbag. You tell them what to do themselves Gary!

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Kevin Smith was thrown off a Southwest Airlines flight because they thought he was too fat. Well, now Hitler has heard and he’s pissed.

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