Sunday Link-Off: Selfie

Hello and welcome to The Lowdown Blog. Okay, that’s the podcast intro but we recorded an episode yesterday and I’m going to start the editing soon. Hopefully, I’ll have it up this week. If not, we’ll be missing some E3 coverage. At least that’ll be on the blog.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s change things up and kick things off with Kate Hudson.

You’ve probably heard the term about how the rich get richer but it’s actually true. Even the IRS helps the rich get richer as they make more money. (Washington Post)

How did the Americans make their latest strike against ISIS? By back-tracking a selfie. (Washington Times)

Penn Jillette has been watching official videos from Presidential candidates and has found out what might make Bernie Sanders the most formidable candidate on the trail. (CNN)

A new report suggests Germany traded rocket-propelled grenades for votes for the 2006 World Cup. Well, there’s a bribe I never thought I’d see. (The Guardian)

Why might Team Canada fare okay at the Women’s World Cup? The new coach might help. The old coach didn’t seem to be all that she was cracked up to be. (Toronto Sun)

Reports suggest that England could be handed the 2018 World Cup from Russia. Well, it’s not like they’d have to build any infrastructure. (The Independent)

Good news! GameStop bought ThinkGeek! No, wait! Shit! (Ars Technica)

Apparently we shouldn’t be drinking coffee in the morning. While my dentist might agree, fuck whoever came up with that idea. I need my coffee to live. (Time)

How serious is the BBC about salvaging Top Gear? They’re throwing £1 million each at Richard Hammond and James May. Will the extra cash sway them or will the lure of Netflix, creative freedom and working with friends be enough? (International Business Times)

With the Entourage movie debuting this weekend, why don’t you check out HBO’s anti-Entourage. (Vulture)

I get that Search Engine Optimization and ad revenue per impression is sort of important (even if I absolutely suck at it) but Mashable took it to another level about Caitlyn (née Bruce) Jenner. The alleged tech site had 11 updates about Jenner. (

During taping for the next Lowdown BlogCast, Jackie and I talk about Smosh’s honest game trailers. So, does this sound like a new guy?


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