31 Celebrities in Costume for Halloween

It’s Halloween today. While going out in costume kinda goes out of style when you reach high school (before coming back in full force when you can legally drink in university), for celebrities, it’s a necessity for PR that they go out in costume at Halloween. I’m not sure that it’s so much a suggestion or a fun time for them as a mandate of their celebrity status.

Since it’s Halloween, let’s look at some past Halloween costumes worn by celebrities.

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The Dollars and Cents of Halloween (Infographic)

I hope you know that today is Halloween. If you didn’t, you were probably wonder why that witch of a boss of yours was dressed like an actual witch. Anyway, before you trick or treat (or hand out candy to trick or treaters), check out this handy infographic with some fun stats about Halloween. Did you know that Americans will spend $11.7 billion on Halloween this year? Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Happy Halloween

In the Halloween spirit, here’s Kim Kardashian in her Princess Jasmine costume.

Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? (Well, the Huffington Post unless it has to deal with autism and vaccinations.) Michael Rosenberg looks at some of the most famous conspiracy theories in sports. (Sports Illustrated)

On to a scary link. The most popular costumes for tonight’s big festivities (and parties over the last couple of days) are the cast members of Jersey Shore. (Wall Street Journal)

ESPN’s proper journalism show E:60 takes a look at a legal performance enhancer that is very common place: High-caffeine energy drink. (ESPN)

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