Sunday Link-Off: Happy Halloween

In the Halloween spirit, here’s Kim Kardashian in her Princess Jasmine costume.

Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? (Well, the Huffington Post unless it has to deal with autism and vaccinations.) Michael Rosenberg looks at some of the most famous conspiracy theories in sports. (Sports Illustrated)

On to a scary link. The most popular costumes for tonight’s big festivities (and parties over the last couple of days) are the cast members of Jersey Shore. (Wall Street Journal)

ESPN’s proper journalism show E:60 takes a look at a legal performance enhancer that is very common place: High-caffeine energy drink. (ESPN)

After the jump, Rent is Too Damn High: The Album, scary entertainment links, and a video.

More scariness and sports. Here’s the cost of beer at NHL games. Leafs fans will scream in terror when they see how much they’re being ripped off. (Puck Daddy)

Jimmy McMillan is running for governor of New York. You might recognize the name because he’s running as the Rent is Too Damn High Party candidate. And he has an album dropping on election day. (New York Times)

This week was PC Gaming Week on Kotaku. Naturally, they looked at the biggest computer game of all-time: Solitaire. (Kotaku)

If PC gaming isn’t your thing, how about you check out this retrospective of Darth Vader in video games? (IGN)

And here’s a look at the new NBA Jam from the perspective a sports fan rather than a video game critic. (Deadspin)

Since I’m taking over the Entertainment Link-Off for the next couple of weeks, here’s a taste of some of the stuff I’m hoping to bring to the table. Here’s an excerpt of an upcoming book about the Tonight Show wars between Leno and Conan. (Vanity Fair)

Here’s a scary link for nerds. Olivia Munn had a three-night stand with Justin Timberlake. Nobody’s reps are confirming anything but an insider says something terrifying. Very terrifying. I think… (US Magazine)

Guyism calls these seven tasteless Halloween costumes but I think that’s a bit of a misnomer. Something more along the lines of seven lame/boring/unoriginal Halloween costumes would be more accurate. (Guyism)

The Globe and Mail released their annual university rankings late last week. It’s very scary to post-secondary institutions. At least, that why I think they don’t support the rankings. (Globe & Mail)

And in more legitimate rankings news, here’s the 49 most influential men of 2010. (Ask Men)

A scary photo gallery to wrap up. Here’s a gallery of cars that resemble their owners. (Jalopnik)

LeBron James and Nike put out an amazing yet still completely jackass-ish ad about him going to Miami. Here’s Dan Patrick’s parody about him leaving ESPN and going out on his own.

And here’s Chris Bosh playing dress-up for Funny or Die as a meter maid turned detective.

And how about we close out with a Halloween pumpkin drop… On a car.

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