Man Lab Link-Off: Giving Thanks

Since we’ve been on a bit of a Man Lab kick around Canadian Thanksgiving, we figured that you deserve some links. Did you know that it’s been four weeks since our last set of links from the Man Lab? To make up for that, let’s kick off this post with Kate Upton. The world’s been a better place since she popped up on the radar this year.

Let’s kick off this week’s MLLO with a look at 101 women who you might not have heard of before. Even if you have heard of some of them, it doesn’t hurt to see them again. (Guyism)

After the jump, picking up women on Facebook, tips for university students and a new classic Brooklyn Decker video.

If your preference is women you have heard of, maybe you’d like this list of the 11 hottest “Got Milk?” models of all-time. (Brosome)

Are the milk models not your thing? Maybe you’d prefer a gallery of the hottest models for Bare Necessities lingerie who have amassed a group of models which rivals the Victoria’s Secret angels. (Bro Bible)

Ever wonder which celebrities you shouldn’t look up on the internet? Here are the ten most dangerous celebs on the interweb and #1 is definitely not who I expected. (CNET)

Today’s important piece of advice for men: How to ask a girl out on Facebook. (AskMen)

Or if you prefer a women on the slightly more mature side, here’s some advice on catching yourself a cougar. (Made Man)

Either way, you’re going to be looking to find women. Here are 10 dumb places to take your search. (Tru TV)

Tops on the list of date night I try to avoid is watching chick flicks. Fortunately, there’s advice on how to avoid watching them. (UGO)

We’re always trying to improve your alcohol IQ here at The Lowdown Blog so naturally we have to link to this guide to serving wine. (Primer)

Fun fact of the day: Toronto has some of the smartest strippers in Canada. That’s because local by-laws have strip clubs looking to local universities for their talent. I knew I should’ve gone to U of T instead of UWO. (CNEWS/Canoe)

Speaking of university, here are five cheap and easy ways for college students to improve their style. (Art of Manliness)

Sometimes, it’s not what you say but how you say it. That’s why you should read up on these 10 subtle ways to influence people. (Shave Magazine)

Brooklyn Decker did a GQ photoshoot two years ago. It was only two weeks ago that the video from the shoot finally surfaced. Another example of what makes the internet so amazing.

Dancing With The Stars on ABC is a boring and atrocious show. However, Dancing With The Stars in Argentina is an amazing show. Like the American version, you haven’t heard of any of the stars but Argentinian TV censorship is virtually non-existent. Take this exhibition of softcore porn that the Argentinians call a dance routine. DWTS would’ve been the top show on TV if we got these sorts of routines when Stacy Keibler, Erin Andrews and Nicole Scherzinger were on the show. And I’m not sure if you’ve gathered this yet but this video is NSFW… Except in Argentina where it’s perfectly fine.

Did you know that we’re in the middle of the Rugby World Cup? Canada’s already out but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch. Fortunately, I’ve found a pretty good video primer on the rules of rugby.

Here’s the answer to a question that no one has ever asked: So how do women in fighting games actually fight in the relatively little clothing they actually wear?


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