Sunday Link-Off: TKO

chrissy-teigen-daytimeemmys15-03So I understand that there was a boxing match on last night. While I like boxing, I never had any intention of watching that fight. I don’t know how some people can separate Floyd Mayweather the person from Floyd Mayweather the boxer and I certainly don’t know how people can overlook Mayweather’s history of violence altogether. So rather than put money in his pocket, I skipped the fight.

Anyway, enough with the pre-amble because it’s Sunday which means that it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kickoff today’s post with a knockout of a different kind. Here’s Chrissy Teigen.

Robyn Doolittle isn’t the only reporter (once) of the Toronto Star to get her own book about a major Canadian scandal. Her partner on the Rob Ford beat, Kevin Donovan, will get one for the Jian Ghomeshi scandal. (Hello)

In other media matters, things aren’t getting any better for Brian Williams but he isn’t going to give up without a fight. (Page Six)

So the so-called fight of the century that would save boxing was last night. One participant (and the likely winner though I’m writing this several hours before bell time) has a track-record of domestic violence. However, the Nevada legal system has been successfully used to protect Floyd Mayweather and keep evidence under wraps. (Deadspin)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Fix Is In

After a week’s hiatus, I’m back with another edition of the Wednesday links. What can I say? I was busy last week. To make up for the extended gap between linkdumps, here’s British model Alexina Graham. If you’re a regular here, you’d know about my soft spot for redheads.

For the first time in a couple of years, I skipped a Manny Pacquiao fight. It turned out to be a good because he got screwed. (Deadspin)

Statistically speaking, based on the scorecards of boxing writers, Pacquiao’s chances of losing that fight fair and square was less than 0.6%. (Ken Pom)

Keeping with sports, here’s an oral history of the 1992 Dream Team. (GQ) There’s a documentary about the team on NBA TV tonight.

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Video Game Review: Fight Night Round 4

fight-night-round-4-ps3-coverFight Night Round 4 is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Some of the hype has to do with the fact that the graphics looks great. Some of it has to do with the fact that FNR3 was a great game in its own right. But I think that cover really put it over the top. The hype machine was running on all cylinders with the release of this game. Does this game live up to the hype and become a legend like some of the fighters in the game? Find out after the jump. Continue reading