Wednesday Link-Off: The Fix Is In

After a week’s hiatus, I’m back with another edition of the Wednesday links. What can I say? I was busy last week. To make up for the extended gap between linkdumps, here’s British model Alexina Graham. If you’re a regular here, you’d know about my soft spot for redheads.

For the first time in a couple of years, I skipped a Manny Pacquiao fight. It turned out to be a good because he got screwed. (Deadspin)

Statistically speaking, based on the scorecards of boxing writers, Pacquiao’s chances of losing that fight fair and square was less than 0.6%. (Ken Pom)

Keeping with sports, here’s an oral history of the 1992 Dream Team. (GQ) There’s a documentary about the team on NBA TV tonight.

After the jump, a look at #NASCAR, the world’s greatest Nickelback concert description and some Portal videos.

The classic hockey movie Slap Shot wasn’t a classic right away. In fact, the subject matter was a bit too vulgar for the era. Ironic, considering that Animal House was released the next year. (SplitSider)

How much money does a team make from a long playoff run? The New Jersey Devils run to the Stanley Cup Final earned them an extra $32 million in revenue. (Puck Daddy)

Twitter and NASCAR launched the #NASCAR page on Twitter. Here’s a look at how it works. (The Daly Planet)

Speaking of tech and cars meeting, Apple used a fake Stig at their WWDC keynote. (Jalopnik) Some say his helmet visor is a retina display…

Since the end of the football season, ESPN’s First Take’s ratings have been dropping. That’s bad news for one of their anchor shows. (Deadspin)

If you’re going to read one mercilessly true description of a Nickelback concert this year, make it this one. (UPROXX)

The Simpsons have been on air for 23 seasons and over 500 episodes but did you know that they almost had three spin-off shows? (SplitSider)

Given the advances in video game graphics, the big benefit of the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 isn’t in improving most graphics. What it will do is improve lighting and make life easier for programmers. (Kotaku)

A former Microsoft executive says that Microsoft was obsessed with tracking what Sony was up to on the games front. (GamesIndustry)

With more and more video games becoming movies, I thought this gallery of video games as movie posters was oddly appropriate. (Twister Sifter)

Let’s give you some Portal videos right now. First up is the fan made short film Aperture: Lab Ratt.

If you had a Portal gun, you’d probably do something like the guys in P0rtal: Terminal Velocity.

Did you know that Cuz (Bill Murray) owns a minor league baseball team? Did you know that he’s also the rain delay entertainment?

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