Your Brain on Alcohol vs. Coffee (Infographic)

As I mentioned yesterday, we’re big fans of beer here at The Lowdown. More importantly, we’re even more habitual coffee drinkers. One of our biggest posts of all-time was our look at how alcohol affects your brain when it comes to heavy drinking and hangovers. Now, we look at things from the perspective of how alcohol and caffeine affect your brain before you’re too far gone to function.

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Why is Being Hit in the Testicles so Painful?

There is little that strike fear in the hearts of men like the potential of a testicular injury. Can you blame them? Being hit in their gentleman’s parts is more painful than getting hit anywhere else on their body. But what exactly makes a ball shot more painful than your stomach or your face? Today, we look at the science of the pain of being hit in the testicles. Continue reading