Why is Being Hit in the Testicles so Painful?

There is little that strike fear in the hearts of men like the potential of a testicular injury. Can you blame them? Being hit in their gentleman’s parts is more painful than getting hit anywhere else on their body. But what exactly makes a ball shot more painful than your stomach or your face? Today, we look at the science of the pain of being hit in the testicles.

Your scrotum has two things going for it that makes a shot to your plums so painful. First, there is a very high number of nerve endings in your teste/scrotal area. That has an upside and downside. Ever why sex feels so good? It’s thanks in part to all those nerve endings down there. Ever wonder why getting hit in the balls is so agonizing? It’s thanks in part to all those nerve endings down there.

The other reason being hit in your parts hurts so much is because there is no protection down there. When you take a shot to the abdomen, you have muscle and fat that adds protection ahead of your organs. The testicles have a wrinkly sack of skin and nothing else. So you have all those nerve endings and nothing protecting them from contact. Like I said above, there are plusses and minuses to that.

Those who have been hit in the ball know that the pain doesn’t just stay there. You can feel it in your gut too. That’s because of where the main nerve in your groin (the spermatic plexus) travels up to in your body. It’s like brain freeze from eating ice cream too fast. There a nerve in your mouth that handles the sensory for most of your face which give you the headache. In this case, there are a pair of nerves in your groin that travel up into your abdomen. When you feel pain in your groin, the pain travels up your nerve into your abdomen. Scientists call that referred pain. You call it the reason that you sometimes feel like vomiting after being on the receiving end of a cup check.

Mental Floss

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