World Hockey Championship Roundup: The Medal Round Begins

Only two games on the schedule today but they were big ones. The medal round started today with two of the four quarter-final games. Belarus looked for a Salt Lake City-sized upset of Russia while Finland and the US battled in a barnburner. Continue reading

World Hockey Championship Roundup: Rivalry Day

More qualification round action was in the books today in Switzerland. France needed a win to stay alive while Latvia was dreaming of a medal round birth. The US and Russia were battling for tops in Group E. The Czechs and Slovaks renewed their rivalry. To top things off, Finland and Belarus battled in a classic. Continue reading


World Hockey Championship Roundup: Where Heroes Are Born

The qualification round got under way today at the World Ice Hockey Championships.  The top 3 teams in preliminary round Groups B & C form qualification Group E while the top 3 teams from Groups A & D are now part of Group F. Continue reading

World Hockey Championship Roundup: Close Calls Of The Third Period Kind

Both Group A and Group B wrapped up with some good looking games. Mind you, I’m not sure what can be said when you compare the potential quality of a game between Canada and Slovakia to Hungary and Belarus. Continue reading

World Hockey Championship Roundup: Do You Have A Mercy Rule?

The day after tomorrow will see the start of some more interesting games. When the most interesting game at the start of the day on paper is Switzerland vs. Germany, you know that the tournament could be so much better. Continue reading