Entertainment Link-Off: Closer Than You Think

After several weeks of rotten films hitting the screen at the theatres, it’s rather refreshing to see three fresh films debuting at the box office this weekend. Topping the critically applauded films is The Muppers starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams. I figured it would be appropriate to start off with the leading actress from the film no?

After the jump, Nolan talks The Dark Knight, best Save Community posters, 3D conversion of old films is the rage, Twilight is still bad for you, Ah-nold gives the best audio commentary ever in Total Recall and Chuck Norris is now kicking ass in the World of Warcraft.

It’s true that comedies don’t get the recognition it deserves during the Oscars, which is why Judd Apatow wants a Best Comedy category put in. Given all the love for the drama category at the Oscars, perhaps it’s about time films get recognized that getting people to laugh. (LA Times)

Nolan speaks of The Dark Knight Rises. Finally a few more tidbits on the film that’s shrouded with mystery. (Empire)

With the Save Community campaign underway, here’s a look at the 5 best Save Community posters out there so far. (Pajiba)

Always loved Cameron Crowe’s selection of music for his films. Well, he has quite the interesting list of songs in a mixtape that he made for Matt Damon during the making of the upcoming film We Bought A Zoo. (NY Mag)

What would happen if Back to the Future occurred in real life? (Movies.com)

Mark your calendars, Star Trek sequel will debut in theatres on May 17 2013. Chances are, as the release date approaches, it’ll be shifted forward a tiny bit. (Deadline)

Given all the flicks are being converted to 3D (e.g. Star Wars, Titanic), I suppose the whole 3D gimmick in theatres isn’t quite dead yet. Now, even Elijah Wood believes that the Lord of the Rings trilogy could be converted to the third dimension. (Den of Geek)

Speaking of Lord of the Rings, 100 things you didn’t know about LOTR! (Empire)

While the study is incomplete… well I should say that it doesn’t give the full story nor does it truly represent the full story, it highlights that women is responsible for 50% of the ticket sales in theatres yet female actresses in film/TV only make up 33% of the speaking roles. (Slashfilm)

Images of Prometheus have made it online. (Shock Til You Drop)

Do you live in the Twilight belt? If you do, perhaps making a quick getaway and moving out would be a good idea. (Good Reads)

Important life lessons from Twilight. Exhibit A: the best way to spend eternity is to constantly attend high school. True story. (Entertainment Weekly)

If you need more reasons as to why Twilight is bad for you… apparently it causes seizures! (Guardian)

10 animals that dance better than the penguins from Happy Feet. (io9)

10 most recycled storylines from TV shows and movies. (Co-Ed Magazine)

6 new images from the upcoming film John Carter (formerly known as John Carter of Mars). Excited to see the movie yet? (Slashfilm)

Impressive fan made poster for the Justice League movie that we will not see. (Comic Book Movie)

Best audio commentary ever! Arnie does Total Recall.

Chuck Norris punches his way into World of Warcraft. Well suddenly the game got a bit more interesting.

James Cameron talks about the 3D conversion of Titanic.

Drive parody called Drive Thru

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