How to do Your Own European Driving Trip (Infographic)

We get sent a lot of infographics so not all make the cut and land on the blog. However, when your infographic gives us tips on how to recreate some of Top Gear’s great cinematic moments from the episode in which the boys searched for Europe’s greatest driving road, you’re likely to get featured on the blog. The folks over at Select Car Leasing put together a look at some great driving roads in France, Italy, Germany and Norway in a handy infographic.

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The Most Famous High-Functioning Alcoholics (Infographic)

When you think of alcoholics, you think of people whose addiction results in their lives falling apart around them. What you don’t realize is that some 20% of alcoholics are able to keep everything together despite their problems with the drink. These people are high-functioning alcoholics and the could be anything from your neighbour to a famous actor to leaders of men. To learn more about some famous high-functioning alcoholics and the signs of one being a high-functioning alcoholic, we have this handy infographic for your perusal.

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The Most and Least Ticketed Cars (Infographic)

Have you wondered if you have picked the right or wrong car? Sure, professional car reviews and consumer reviews can help you somewhat but those just tell you how good the car is when it’s running and not any attention it might get that will leave you stopped on the side of the road. Yes, tickets are a near inevitability of driving but not all cars attract the same attention from the police.

The folks over at did a study looking at the tickets of over 300,000 drivers to see which were the most and least ticketed cars. Then our friends at Your Mechanic synthesized that into infographic form to see which cars to buy to avoid tickets. The answer is GM vehicles because cops feel bad enough for you because you drive a GM.

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Wednesday Link-Off: In Depth

alessandra-ambrosio-globalgiftgala-05This has been a pretty intense week in the worlds of news and politics. The Republican National Convention has been sidetracked by another Trump distraction. This time, it’s his wife plagiarizing a speech. The whole Trump campaign has been distracting everyone from the issues to focus on him so if you don’t talk about the issues, you can’t beat him on them. It’s worked to this point and it’s working this week. There’s also more chaos in Turkey and Fox News is in turmoil.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the links. Since a model features prominently in this set of links, let’s kick off with model Alessandra Ambrosio.

It’s not looking very cheery at the Republican National Convention and that’s just on-screen. There’s a lot more turmoil behind the scenes. (Politico)

While I’m not sure anyone can accuse Donald Trump of stealing his words (the best words) from anyone else, the same can’t be said for his wife. She plagiarized a large portion Michelle Obama’s speech from the 2008 Democratic Convention. (USA Today)

Overlooked in the plagiarism scandal is the rhetoric that is being spouted at the RNC. (Vox)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Follow the Money

elizabeth-olsen-captainamerica16-02It’s nice when good links just fall into your lap. For example, it’s not everyday that a Presidential candidates supporters launch a social media war against the other candidate or that two major American magazines spotlight the Canadian Prime Minister or that there is thematically appropriate news on 4/20.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that we have to do the links. Let’s kick off with Elizabeth Olsen who has parlayed success as an indie movie darling to blockbuster movie paydays.

In one day, two Supreme Court rulings dismantled Stephen Harper’s tough-on-crime agenda. Losing in the court room, losing in polls. Boy, old Stevie’s had a rough eight or so months. (

Prime Minister Trudeau was named one of Time’s 100 most influential people the same week he landed a GQ cover. Not bad. (MacLean’s)

While it’s not about Attawapiskat, NPR looks at Inuit suicides in Greenland. (NPR)

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The 24 Most Expensive Watches in the World (Infographic)

I’ve been told that we occasionally talk about watches here on The Lowdown Blog. I did some digging and in fact we have. Last year, we took a look at James Bond’s collection of high-tech spy watches. This time, we’re looking at properly expensive watches. Did you know that you can spend up to $11 million on one time piece? And I thought Jord pricing their top end watches at $400 was the height of the watch market.

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Everything That’s Wrong with YouTube According to GradeAUnderA (Part 2)

Three weeks ago, YouTuber GradeAUnderA took a look at everything that is wrong with YouTube starting with the site’s lax attitude towards actually enforcing copyright laws, fair use and its own community guidelines. This week, GradeAUnderA looks at the other six YouTube community guidelines that YouTube purports to enforce but doesn’t seem to unless it’s against a channel trying to produce quality content.

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