Wednesday Link-Off: In Depth

alessandra-ambrosio-globalgiftgala-05This has been a pretty intense week in the worlds of news and politics. The Republican National Convention has been sidetracked by another Trump distraction. This time, it’s his wife plagiarizing a speech. The whole Trump campaign has been distracting everyone from the issues to focus on him so if you don’t talk about the issues, you can’t beat him on them. It’s worked to this point and it’s working this week. There’s also more chaos in Turkey and Fox News is in turmoil.

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the links. Since a model features prominently in this set of links, let’s kick off with model Alessandra Ambrosio.

It’s not looking very cheery at the Republican National Convention and that’s just on-screen. There’s a lot more turmoil behind the scenes. (Politico)

While I’m not sure anyone can accuse Donald Trump of stealing his words (the best words) from anyone else, the same can’t be said for his wife. She plagiarized a large portion Michelle Obama’s speech from the 2008 Democratic Convention. (USA Today)

Overlooked in the plagiarism scandal is the rhetoric that is being spouted at the RNC. (Vox)

Meanwhile, things are disintegrating in Turkey. Rounding up military officials and judges was the start. Tens of thousands of people have been fired by the Turkish government to undermine the coup plotters. Who was the villain in that matter again? (The Globe and Mail)

The US is hinting that Erdogan’s response to the coup could be violations of democracy and the rule of law which would jeopardize Turkey’s membership in NATO. (The Independent – Autoplay Video)

And WikiLeaks is having their say with the release of 300,000 emails from the Turkish government. (RT)

It looks like it’s all over for Roger Ailes. Fox’s probe into the Fox News boss has been told of more instances of sexual harassment by star Megyn Kelly. (New York Magazine)

With Alies’ departure a virtual certainty at this point, it’s possible that Bill O’Reilly and/or Sean Hannity could go with him. (The Wrap)

Bell Media has an edict out to Niagara Region radio stations to not say anything bad about Marineland. That’s because Marineland throws a lot of money their way. (Canadaland)

Dozens of former WWE stars, most of whom you will recognize if you watched during the Hulkamania Era, are part of a class-action injuries and unsafe working conditions lawsuit against the WWE. (Bloomberg)

I know they say that multitasking isn’t physically possible (regardless of what your boss says) but it actually fries your brain. (Quartz)

Here are some more Melania Trump words.

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