Wednesday Link-Off: Interference

anna-kendrick-playboy16-10We’re less than a week away from the Electoral College casting votes that almost certainly will cement Donald Trump as the President-elect of the US but it seems so odd that everyone will continue ignoring the potential issues of conflicts of interest and Russia’s hands in the Trump campaign, victory and now White House. The extra layer of review by the Electoral College is needed here but it’s not looking like any review will be done.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that we’re here for the links. Let’s kick off with Anna Kendrick.

President-elect Trump doesn’t seem to worry about conflicts of interest but his and his family’s business interests are ripe for conflicts with foreign powers. (Newsweek)

The Canadian Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation has given the government the thumbs-up to legalize pot. It comes with scads of recommendations about regulation but we’re getting close now. (Bloomberg)

People suspected it during the campaign but the CIA has concluded that the Russians interfered in the US Presidential Election to aid Donald Trump. (Washington Post)

Despite assertions by the President-elect that the CIA can’t know that it was Russia, the CIA is quite insistent that it has evidence. (New York Times)

Legendary newsman Dan Rather points out that people may not like the Electoral College but this is the situation that it was implemented for. (Dead State)

By the way, some voters in the Electoral College are asking for an intelligence briefing on the Russian hacking situation before casting their votes. (Politico)

The state of Michigan will audit its voting system as a result of an absolute clusterfuck of irregularities in the Presidential vote. (Detroit News)

And here’s a first-hand look at all that went wrong with the Michigan recount. (Medium)

And polling guru Nate Silver says that the James Comey letter sunk the Clinton campaign more so than the Russian hacks and Wikileaks emails. (The Hill)


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