NFL Saturday Wildcard Picks

TEXANS (-4) Over Bengals

Since TJ Yates became the quarterback of the Houston Texans their points per game has dropped by 5 points. That doesn’t bode well for the Texans who will face the Bengals 9th ranked defence. The Texans are in the playoffs for the first time ever. Their path to the playoffs has been remarkable to say the least. Not having to compete against Peyton Manning probably helped but the Texans stayed resilient despite significant injuries on both sides of the ball. Houston’s defence is better than Cincinnati’s. They allowed the second fewest yards of any team and the fourth fewest points. Outside of one bad game against the Saints they have played outstanding D. The defence wont lose them this game. The offence also has a lot of special players on it. Arian Foster had an amazing season after being out the beginning of the season and the Texans rush game had the second most yards in the league. The problem the Texans have is at QB. Yates isn’t special and hasn’t been that good. The ball in his hands isn’t good for them and I expect them that they’ll be using Foster quite a bit.

The Bengals are a tough team to figure out. They never had a good win all season. Heck outside of Tennessee they barely had a good win. That being said they played some pretty tight games with some really good teams. They do have talent. Andy Dalton had a stellar rookie year and along with AJ Green should make a nice core for the Bengals for years to come. The Bengals defence is good and they might be able handle Foster. To win this game the Bengals will need Dalton to be playing better than he has recently.

I think that the Texans will be able to overcome TJ Yates and their defence will shut down the Bengals rookie attack giving the Texans their first playoff victory in franchise history. Texans 24 Bengals 17

Lions (+10.5) Over SAINTS

I’m not going to lie I think that the Saints will have no problem winning this game but the Lions offence has the power to keep up with the Saints.

The Saints are coming off an improved season after being eliminated last season by the Seahawks, another team that they were favoured by 10 points to defeat. Their offence was prolific as Brees broke a 30 year old record and Darren Sproles looked to be the best off season pick up. Their defence has played well enough to keep up but they gave up over 4,100 yards passing this season, third worst in the league. Not the best thing when Stafford just put up over 5,000 yards.

The Lions got crushed by the Saints the last time that they played because they played so undisciplined. I think there is a possibility the pressure will get to the Lions and they’ll be even more undisciplined but I think that they will be better and not rack up over 100 yards of penalties this game. The Lions defence was a little over rated coming into this season but they still have play makers on that team.

This could be the best game of the weekend and will probably be the highest scoring game. NBC made a good choice by picking it up over Tebow’s game. Saints 44 Lions 37


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