Entertainment Link-Off: Dog Days of Summer

anna-kendrick-aubrey-plaza-mikeanddave16-11Is it just me or is summer really a dead time for movies. Since I’ve taken up temporary residence on Saturdays doing the entertainment links, I can’t think of massive summer blockbusters apart from family movies. Where are the big budget action movies? Where are the superheroes?

On the plus side, The Secret Life of Pets opens this weekend. Critics really seem to like it but not to the same extent that Pixar’s Finding Dory was adored by critics. The other big release is Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates which is getting middling reviews.

Anyway, it’s Saturday night so it’s time for the links. Let’s kick off with the lead pair from one of this weekend’s movies. Here are Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza.

If you binge CW shows on Netflix, they’ve just signed a sweet licensing deal that will see the CW shows turn up online about a week after the season ends. (Variety)

Meanwhile, Warner Bros has signed a major deal with Amazon to bring some of its blockbusters to Prime Video. (Variety)

There are many heroes in the history of Star Trek but the one you might not know about is Lucille Ball. She stepped in to save Star Trek before it ever started as a series. (EW)

Winter has come to Westeros. Because of that, Season Seven is being delayed so they can film in weather more closely resembling winter. (Time)

In the interim, HBO has a potential new hit with The Night Of starting this weekend. (HitFix)

The Warriors is being adapted for TV and likely coming to Hulu. (Deadline)

The upcoming Power Rangers movie will be taking a page from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Well, if it turns out for the better as a result, I won’t complain. All we really want is a good movie. (/Film)

There’s nothing wrong with starring in a small independent arts film but it’s probably not good for your career to have it attached to a film with a £47 box office. I know Emma Watson has billions of box office dollars attached to her name but the Harry Potter name was the real draw there. (The Guardian)

Chris Evans has left the ill-fated re-reboot of Top Gear. Don’t mention the sexual assault allegations too loudly though. On the plus side, everyone likes Chris Harris and Rory Reid so hopefully they form the core of Season Two. (Radio Times)

Here’s the first that I’ve seen for the new Ghostbusters film. It went as expected. I suppose the alternative is that this is some meta flipping of tropes about men and women in movies.

And just for fun, here are the bloopers from the three Rush Hour movies.


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