Entertainment Link-Off: Power Brokers

blake-lively-theshallows16-02This week’s edition of the entertainment links is all about people with power and money and ratings and all the things that matters in the acquisition of power in Hollywood. Not to sound too cynical but everybody wants to rule the world. We have a lot of those people featured in today’s ELO.

So how many of you have heard of The Neon Demon? IMDB has that as the best movie coming out this weekend. Also out this weekend are the far too late Independence Day cash-in, the one where Blake Lively gets eaten by a shark and a biopic with Matthew McConaughey. So let’s kick off with Blake Lively before she gets eaten by the aforementioned shark.

It’s that time of year. Here’s The Hollywood Reporter’s 100 most powerful people in Hollywood. It’s an old timey list that ignore digital media for the most part but what do you expect from old media. (THR)

What’s a deal breaker when it comes to Netflix? For most people, the threat of ads would have them cancelling their subscription. (All Flicks)

Lagging in third in the late night ratings, Stephen Colbert seems to finally realize that he needs to be the Stephen Colbert that became a superstar to conquer late night. (Pajiba)

On that note, Stewart and Colbert’s replacements aren’t exactly too popular. (Washington Post)

We’re a year behind on this link but it’ll be relevant soon enough. It’s a look at Taylor Swift songs. Yes, you know which ones I’m talking about. (The Paris Review)

Good news! Archer’s been renewed for three more seasons. That means that I need to catch up on only seven seasons before Season 8 which drops next year. (Variety)

Also good news! Bryan Cranston is playing Zordon in the Power Rangers reboot! I just hope they remember that the show didn’t really take itself too seriously. (Uproxx Movies)

What’s the hippest trend in TV today? Unelected Presidents! (Uproxx TV)

I know Jackie doesn’t talk sports on here much but live sports is going to be a big part of TV for a while now. (Recode)

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