League of Legends is Shutting Down Dominion

league-of-legends-dominion-headerAs much as I love playing support on Summoner’s Rift, I love playing support on the Howling Abyss and Crystal Scar. While the supports have a very defined role in 5v5 League of Legends play, a well-played support can really mess up plans in the other game modes.

Sadly, your time on the Crystal Scar is coming to an end. Riot has announced that on February 22nd, they will be disabling the Dominion game mode and removing Crystal Scar from the custom games menu.

For those unfamiliar, Dominion is a 5v5 point capture game mode. There are five points around the circular map and capturing a point drains life from your opponent’s core. The more points held, the faster the opponent’s core loses life. The game mode is designed to be played quickly with average play times under 20 minutes.

However, Dominion is a bit deserted. Riot says that fewer than 0.5% of players regularly played Dominion and of those players, many were bots. In my most recent Dominion experience, most other players were bots. Riot itself has admitted that Dominion is prone to neglect on their part when it comes to bugs and balance which causes smaller queues which results is less attention on their part and a cycle that has driven them to this decision.

I’m sad to see Dominion go but I also pretty much stopped playing it because of the sad state that it degenerated to through neglect. While I don’t think anyone creates a game mode with plans to kill it after five years, Dominion had gotten to the point where that was the only financially viable solution. Was I the only one that dipped my toes in Dominion? Will anyone actually miss this game mode?

Source: League of Legends

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