Entertainment Link-Off: Long Road Ahead

elodie yungI’m back! It’s been a few weeks but I finally got proper internet access to start posting the ELO’s again! While I’ve been gone, I still managed to check out the new releases in theatres. Deadpool is a must see, while Zoolander 2 is a bit of a misfire. Anyway, let’s get on with the links! Kicking this ELO off with Elodie Yung. She’s set to appear in Gods of Egypt soon and also she’ll be playing Elektra in season 2 of Daredevil premiering next month.¬†

After the jump, The Rock tackles more earthquakes, Leo’s Oscar campaign has turned into a video game, plenty of Deadpool related links, a look at the hints in 10 Cloverfield Lane, there’s way too much walking on The Walking Dead and Melisandre (from Game of Thrones) makes an interesting baby shower guest…

Didn’t think they were going to make a sequel to San Andreas? Well they’re going forward with it. Perhaps this time, you can watch The Rock punch the earthquake in the face! (THR)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar bid has been so difficult that the whole journey has been turned into a video game. Seriously! Check out the trailer then try the game for yourself! (Vimeo)

Deadpool might have been a massive hit, but don’t expect the sequel to be overcrowded and don’t expect the budget to balloon either. (Slashfilm)

Speaking of Deadpool, find out how they managed to sneak in a Marvel character that they legally can’t use but did so anyway. (Cinema Blend)

Watch the short film that got Tim Miller the directing gig for Deadpool. Interestingly enough, the short film is DC related… not Marvel… (Geek Tyrant)

Well if you think you saw something in the new 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer, you’re not going crazy. Here’s a breakdown at the hidden messages in the clip. (Screen Crush)

All thanks to the success of Deadpool, you can expect the next Wolverine movie to be rated R. (Comic Book)

The new teaser poster for the upcoming Predator reboot/sequel wastes no time in getting to the point. (Facebook)

Oliver Stone’s Snowden has been delayed again… Could things be not looking so good for the flick? (Collider)

Steve Martin performed stand-up comedy for the first time in 35 years all thanks to Jerry Seinfeld. (Vulture)

Youtube stars are slowly taking over the Grammys! (Mashable)

They sure do a lot of walking on The Walking Dead…

Seth Meyers brings Melisandre to a baby shower. Yeah… that’s gonna end well…

Here’s a look at how it took 5 actors to bring Colossus to life in Deadpool.

James Corden tries very hard to audition to be Deadpool’s sidekick.


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