Sunday Link-Off: Power of Politics

stana-katic-ema15-03While Donald Trump was off doing SNL, Ben Carson was taking command of the GOP Presidential polls. That’s a pretty frightening thought to many people. But there are a lot of scary things in this Sunday’s set of links.

So let’s not waste any more time and get to your weekend-ending linkdump. Let’s kick off with Stana Katic. Have you watched Castle lately? I haven’t but it might get interesting again eventually.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is not a fan of Ben Carson. In fact, he goes as far to say that Carson is bad for African-Americans. (Time)

Wonder what’s in the Trans-Pacific Partnership no more. The Government of New Zealand posted the whole thing online. (New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)

It’s not that football stars get away with things like domestic assault, the problem is that there are seemingly few, if any consequences. Take Dallas player Greg Hardy whose domestic violence charges were expunged despite all the evidence backing up the original charges. (Deadspin)

Ben Carson got caught lying about his past. I’m sure that’s not important when selecting a Presidential candidate. (Mother Jones)

But Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders wants to remind you that Carson’s past isn’t anywhere near as important as his current views. (The Hill)

After being silenced by the Harper Government, Canadian scientists are free to speak with the media again. (Toronto Star)

Those airport scanners that have made travel a major inconvenience for almost 15 years aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. (Ars Technica)

Nobody panic but we’re a lot closer to robots taking everyone’s jobs than we are farther away from it. (The Guardian)

Time for a report on a MAJOR CURLING CONTROVERSY! A new broom head is apparently making shaping shots a lot easier for sweepers and curlers want it banned. (Washington Post)

Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze, has made the jump from NXT to the WWE main roster. Well, it was nice knowing him. (Rolling Stone)

Regular readers know I’m a big StarCraft fan. Well, Legacy of the Void is coming out on Tuesday. Here’s Carbot’s StarCrafts-ized trailer.


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