Entertainment Link-Off: Get Peanutized!

daisy ridley hollywood reporterAfter a long wait, The Peanuts Movie is finally out! It’s also collecting fairly positive reviews, so it might be worth taking a trip down memory lane and channel your inner kid again. The other hotly anticipated release Spectre is garnering mixed results. Perhaps Skyfall just set the bar a little too high for the James Bond franchise. Anyway, let’s start off the ELO with Daisy Ridley, star of the upcoming Star Wars flick. She looks quite elegant in the latest shoot for The Hollywood Reporter. I can definitely see why the new trilogy would focus on her.

After the jump, China gets first dibs on Point Break, the Aaron Sorkin/Pixar flick that wasn’t meant to be, first look at the Harry Potter prequel/spin-off, some new trailers to check out including Warcraft, and check out a ‘deleted’ scene from Spectre.

It’s very rare for movies to open in China before it does in North America. Iron Man 3 opened two days earlier for example. This year, the Point Break remake will debut in China 3 weeks before its release date in America. Now that’s the biggest gap we’ve seen in terms of release dates. Could this be a sign of things to come? (Deadline)

While nothing became of this, Aaron Sorkin shared an idea he had pitched back in the 90s for a Pixar flick. Let’s just say it has something to do with office supplies. (Digital Spy)

Just making a sequel isn’t cool enough when you have a well-oiled money making machine going on. Why make two movies when you can make three? In this case, expect more Jurassic World sequels to come because Universal is more than happy to continue with this endeavor. (Slashfilm)

Could this be? Dr. Who just might be making an appearance in the next Lego Movie. Whether it is simply a cameo or a meatier role like Lego Batman is to be seen. (io9)

Exclusive first look at the Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. (Entertainment Weekly)

Well you can thank James Cameron and David Fincher for helping get the Deadpool movie made. (Collider)

When they premiered 10 minutes of footage of Warcraft at this year’s Comic Con, the fans in Hall H were left somewhat baffled. Given the complex story and the numerous characters involved, it’s hard to sell a whole movie in that short time frame. Anyway, the trailer for the upcoming fantasy epic is out and it looks just fine. The CGI could use a bit of work, especially when the orcs look cartoonish en masse. Director Duncan Jones has made two impressive flicks so far, so I trust that he can pull something off with this film. Have a look at the footage.

If you do need a little bit of a rundown for Warcraft, here are 35 things for you to know. (Collider)

Thought you saw the last trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens? Think again. The new international trailer features some newer footage for you to look at. Have fun guessing what the plot will be!

Gerard Butler channels his inner John McClane in London Has Fallen. Well they have certainly supersized the action in this one compared to the predecessor.

Here’s a longer look at The Hateful Eight and this time it features a lot more Samuel L. Jackson.

Often movies recycle footage from other movies due to budget constraints, production problems or a bunch of other issues. Here’s a look at a few flicks that have stolen clips from other movies to sorta… fill in the gap.

Due to his poor history with cars, James Bond is having a hard time renting a new one…

There might have been production issues behind The Good Dinosaur, but if this clip is any indication, the final product should be just fine! Well… at least it shouldn’t be another case of Cars… or Cars 2.

A Korean high school student channels her inner Adele and nails the cover of her latest single Hello.

Speaking of covers, here’s a lovely rendition of Whenever You Call from Jason Chen and Janice Yan.

Just picked up the latest album from Sara Bareilles and it gives you a good taste of what the upcoming musical Waitress will be like. It’s simply an amazing album. Check it out before the show opens in March 2016! Music recommendation of the week: She Used To Be Mine by Sara Bareilles.

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