Sunday Link-Off: The Old Jobs and New

emilia-clarke-iodonna15-01Since it’s Comic Con weekend, I thought a little Game of Thrones joke for the title wouldn’t be a bad idea. You know, the old gods and new that they’re always talking about. There isn’t anything in the way of Comic Con links in this linkdump because Jackie has that covered in the ELO but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have interesting things to read.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that we have to do the links. Since I had a Game of Thrones theme for the title, let’s kick off with Emilia Clarke.

The Great Reddit Revolt of 2015 is over. Interim CEO Ellen Pao is out and Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman is in. (Bloomberg)

Former US Attorney General Eric Holder is heading back to his old law firm. It just so happens to have ties to a number of banks that weren’t charged for their part in the financial crisis of a few years ago. (Democracy Now)

Why can’t we fall asleep? (The New Yorker)

There are so many good Bernie Sanders stories this week but I’m going to call this my favourite. Sanders joined a few other senators in sending a letter to the FCC asking for investigation into high cable and internet prices. Can we get them to send the same letter to the CRTC because Jesus are Canadian cable and internet prices stupid. (The Hill)

The problem for Bernie is that while his polling numbers are good in the first couple of primaries, he’s struggling nationally. (FiveThirtyEight)

What can help Bernie is that Hilary is dodging questions left, right and centre. (Vox)

A number of witnesses to a billion-dollar test-rigging scandal in India have died mysteriously in recent months. That doesn’t seem at all suspicious. (National Post)

In one of FIFA’s greatest acts of irony, FIFA banned Chuck Glazer for life for corruption when he was the one that exposed most of FIFA’s corruption to US authorities. (BBC Sport)

Only three football clubs outside of Britain earned more money from TV fees than the last place team in the Premier League. Can any of the other leagues remain competitive in that landscape? (Vice Sports)

The Pan Am games started this weekend. A word of advice: Don’t link to the Pan Am Games’ site or use their hashtag because they may sue you. (The Register)

I’m probably the only person here concerned about metrics (you would be concerned about metrics if you got that < $1 CPM WordAds money) but here’s a look at the discrepancy between internal and external web traffic reporting. (FiveThirtyEight)

Ed The Sock (remember him?) explains why some men don’t like nerd girls and tries to figure out what’s wrong with them?

Diamond Dallas Page remembers his friend and mentor Dusty Rhodes.


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