Entertainment Link-Off: The Switch Up

natalie martinezIt’s Comic-Con weekend. There should be plenty of new tidbits coming from the panels all weekend! It’s a very exciting part of the year but too bad I’m not in San Diego right now. Anyway, just gonna kick off the ELO with Natalie Martinez. You can catch her in the body switching thriller Self/Less. No she’s not involved with the body switching part of the story though. That’s left for Sir Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds.

After the jump, some Deadpool related tidbits, celebrities tackle the role of Wolverine, a classic novel is going to be ruined by a sequel, some Walking Dead clips to wet your appetites and catch a behind the scenes look at the upcoming Star Wars flick.

Ryan Reynolds talks about Deadpool and potential crossovers with X-Men and he highlights some important issues with the shared universe. (Screen Rant)

Speaking of Deadpool, here are some images that give you a better look at the supporting cast members. (comicbook.com)

So the Game of Thrones panel did not reveal much given the showrunners and the author was not present. Heck even the most talked about Kit Harington was not there to field questions. Oh well, at least they got a nice sizzle reel of the audition tapes. (THR)

Cowboys and Aliens was not a great movie and even producer Brian Grazer admits it. (The Atlantic)

Catch a glimpse of the new Ghostbusters featuring Melissa McCarthy and Kirsten Wiig. (Twitter)

In this hilarious video, Conan reveals a bunch of stars vying for the role of Wolverine after Hugh Jackman steps down. (Team Coco)

Only if you’re curious, but here’s the list of the highest paid celebrities in 2015. (Forbes)

Looks like Evil Dead is back to true form in the short clip for the Starz series featuring the return of Bruce Campbell. (Collider)

Talking about the new season of The 100. We might finally see some smiles this season! (THR)

Perhaps some things should have been left buried. Harper Lee’s follow-up for To Kill A Mockingbird has recast iconic character Atticus Finch into a racist. (Mashable)

Catch Jack Black as R.L. Stine in Goosebumps. It looks more like a kids comedy than a quasi-horror flick.

Latest trailer for Southpaw (which looks fantastic aside from a bit of spoilery stuff) and it’s fueled by some new music from Eminem.

Here’s a fun little clip from the Sherlock special that will be appearing soon. The good news is that it will get a worldwide release in select theatres. The bad news, there is still no word on the fourth season of the series.

Dark times ahead in the new trailer for season 6 of The Walking Dead.

Watch things quickly descend into chaos in the trailer for Fear the Walking Dead.

Just in time for Comic-Con, here’s the Honest Trailer for Iron Man… you know that Marvel movie that pretty much kicked off the whole MCU.

No new trailer for Legends of Tomorrow, but this is a fine recap trailer for the existing shows though.

I dunno about you but this game looks like damn good fun! It looks like a nice throwback beat-em up style game featuring the old-school Transformers. Have a look at Transformers Devastation.

Gotta love Comic-Con! Behind the scenes look at Star Wars Episode VII. It just feels magical!

Jennifer Lawrence likes to do a little singing here and there. This time she channels her inner Cher.


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