Sunday Link-Off: Valentine’s Hangover

Good news, guys! Valentine’s Day has come and gone and it’s safe to come out of hiding again. Hopefully you didn’t screw it up and if you did, we’ll need your ex’s phone number. For research purposes only, of course… I think everyone bought that.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that it’s time for the links. Let’s continue going through some of the SI Swimsuit issue with Canada’s Kate Bock.

Global News was going to run a report on the Koch brothers’ connections to Canada. Then it was suddenly killed. What happened? (Canadaland)

Even more of Brian Williams’ reports are being questioned in the aftermath of his suspension. (Gawker)

How much is the legal weed market in Colorado? Only $700 million. (Washington Post)

Russia and Ukraine signed a cease-fire agreement. Why did they have to sign the deal and not the “rebels?” Because it’s the Russian military fighting for the “rebels.” (AFP/Yahoo News)

The Argentinian prosecutor who was going to investigate the President for covering up a 20-year-old bombing and supposedly committed suicide didn’t have gunpowder on his hands. The plot thickens… except for the fact that we already suspected as much. (Fox News Latino)

One of the great moments in Ivey Business School history happened when a marketing class broke down into a political debate over whether Taiwan is a country. That’s nothing compared to Harvard’s Model UN where the Chinese delegation was kicked out over protests that Taiwan was not a country. (Shanghaiist)

Good news, Leafs fans! MLSE has signed off on Brendan Shanahan’s complete rebuild plan for the team. It’s the much-needed short-term pain for the possible long-term gain. (The Globe and Mail)

The NHL’s Las Vegas expansion experiment took off with some big names getting behind the possibility of a new team there. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Is it just me or is sportswriting a little tired and predictable? Anytime there’s a little whiff of scandal, sportswriters blow it out of proportion. (The Triangle)

Fox was just handed the broadcast rights to the 2026 World Cup without going to bidding. I bet ESPN and NBC are going to be happy about not getting a chance to bid on a likely American World Cup. (The Big Lead)

Bill Maher didn’t go after Brian Williams on New Rules this week. He went after the whole of broadcast news.

DJ Steve Porter is back mashing up Kanye with Beck’s Loser. How appropriate.


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