2015 NHL All-Star Game Mock Fantasy Draft

nhl-all-star-game-2015-bannerIt’s been three years since the last NHL All-Star Game. Thanks to the most recent NHL lockout and last year’s Winter Olympics, the NHL hasn’t held their All-Star Game since 2012. One thing that hasn’t changed since the All-Star Game’s return is that we will precede the All-Star festivities with our very own NHL All-Star fantasy draft between Jackie and I.

So how did our mock draft play out? Our draft results after the jump.

Having looked back at the previous posts to help me format this post, I realized that there are specialized rules for this draft. However, the NHL didn’t stick with the old rule that one of the three captains and alternates must be a defenseman so the old rules are optional. It was catch as catch can apart from the following rules:

  • Team Captain is selected in the 1st round
  • Alternates are selected in Rounds 2 and 3
  • Each team must select 12 forwards, 6 defencemen and 3 goalies over 21 rounds
  • Injury replacements announced for already drafted players will be automatically substituted for the replaced player
  • The draft will be in a “snake” format. The player with the final pick in a round will get the first pick in the following round.

Since I won the last round of our NHL All-Star Game battles, I got the first overall pick in the draft.

Round 1

Team Steve – Tyler Seguin, DAL, C
When you think of someone who would be picked to lead an All-Star Team, you would think of your Crosbys or Toewses or Stamkoses. I don’t think that Nick Foligno would come to mind. Sorry, wait, I didn’t pick Foligno. Who would make him an All-Star Team captain anyway. Oh…

Anyway, I’m taking the NHL’s problem child as my top pick. Tyler Seguin wasn’t the popular choice in Taylor vs. Tyler but the numbers say he’s the right guy right now. Okay, that’s mostly an Edmonton problem. But Seguin #2 in the league in points and tops in goals. I think that the kid has earned his chance to be considered among the NHL’s elite rather than a kid with an alleged attitude problem that was shipped off to Dallas.

Team Jackie – Ryan Getzlaf, ANA, C
There’s no way I’m making Nick Foligno the captain of the team. Just sayin’. Anyway, first pick goes to Ryan Getzlaf. He’s the only Ducks representative at the All-Star game this year despite the fact that the team is leading the entire NHL right now. While his partner in crime, Corey Perry was out for a good portion of the season so far, he has carried his team and kept piling on the wins.

Round 2

Team Jackie – Sidney Crosby, PIT, C
Eh might as well steal the poster boy of the NHL before Steve gets a chance to snag him with his next pick. Sidney Crosby might not be leading the NHL in the points category, but he still part of the NHL elite. Captain Penguin might not be piling on the goals but he is still setting up good plays and remains near the top in the points category.

Team Steve – Steven Stamkos, TBL, C
Oh Jackie… If there’s one thing that you should know about me is that as much as I like Crosby, I have one boy who I’ll take above him every time.

So meet my boy Steven Stamkos, you might have heard about him. He’s a first overall draft pick, three-time NHL All-Star, two-time top goal scorer and a three-time first round pick by yours truly in my day job’s office hockey pool. Okay, that last part means nothing to any of you but I wouldn’t pick him if he’s a dud. The funny thing, though, is that he’s having a poor season by his standards. That means he’s only 12th in scoring. He’s clearly washed up at 24.

Round 3

Team Steve – Kevin Shattenkirk, STL, D
I’ll be the first to take a defenceman in the draft. I’m usually the first to do that and it never works for me so I don’t know why I keep doing that. Anyway, the top scoring defencemen as of drafting were Calgary’s Mark Giordano and St. Louis’ Kevin Shattenkirk. Surprisingly, Shattenkirk is the second-highest scoring player on the Blues. That’s pretty impressive considering how good St. Louis is this season. That and because the alternative was a guy from Calgary.

Team Jackie – Brent Burns, SJS, D
See below.

Round 4

Team Jackie – Dustin Byfuglien, WPG, D
I’ll make this short and sweet. I’m snagging up two players who are versatile enough to play either forward or defence. It’ll give me a bit of flexibility in the roster if necessary. It also helps that they can pile on the points as well. Both players are having a stellar year and Byfuglien was just named the first star last week with 6 points in 4 games.

Team Steve – Jakub Voracek, PHI, RW
To hell with strategizing, I’m just going to start picking my boys. And then be left with the last five defencemen and three goalies that Jackie hasn’t taken which seems happen every year we do this.

Anyway, if you’ve seen my hockey pool drafts over the last few years, there are two guys I pick almost religiously. Stamkos is already on my team so it’s time to get the other one. Unlike Stamkos, I didn’t pick Voracek this year because it never works out for me and Philly sucks. If I was still on the Voracek bandwagon, I’d be counting my winnings already. So I’ll just pick him in this fun little thing we do on the blog.

Round 5

Team Steve – Rick Nash, NYR, LW
I’m not going to take credit for it because it’s a parody of Dave Chappelle but I totally coined “Rick Nash, bitch” as a parody of Chappelle’s infamous “Rick James, bitch!” Do I need another reason to pick him besides the being able to say “With our fifth pick, Team Steve selects Rick Nash, bitch?”

Team Jackie – John Tavares, NYI, C
Now Steve has finally saw that I don’t really have a strategy except going all out on offense. My turn to pick players that I personally like. ‘Sauga represent! Here’s the captain of the New York Islanders who is a consistent scorer. I also simply love the fact that the Leafs failed to land him because they refused to tank that year and land the 1st overall pick.

Round 6

Team Jackie – Alex Ovechkin, WAS, LW
The other poster boy of the NHL but with more personality. I always wondered what kinda magic he would do if playing alongside Crosby rather than against him.

Team Steve – Jonathan Toews, CHI, C
So I have a lot of scoring so far but I think that I don’t really have a lot of leadership. So let’s get the NHL’s current consummate leader, Jonathan Toews. It’s not like he doesn’t score but when I think of someone who can take charge and come through in the clutch, JT is the first one I think of. That and I get to toss out another great line of “Don’t Toews me bro!”

Round 7

Team Steve – Brent Seabrook, CHI, D
The STATE of the defencemen in this All-Star Game. It’s as if the NHL picked the forwards and defencemen that were any good and made sure that all the teams were represented by using the blueliners to fill in the blanks. I mean, Erik Karlsson, PK Subban, Kris Letang, Mark Streit and John Carlson are all missing from the All-Star Game. Somehow, the likes of Justin Faulk, Erik Johnson and Oliver Ekman-Larsson are in this game. Shame on you, NHL Hockey Operations Department. Shame.

Anyway, I’ll take my boy Brent Seabrook. Yes, another of my boys joins Team Steve. To hell with any method of team construction. I’m just picking my favourites.

Team Jackie – Vladamir Tarasenko, STL, RW
See Round 8 pick.

Round 8

Team Jackie – Evgeni Malkin, PIT, C
I’m a man of few words. Russian firepower. That’s all. =P

Team Steve – Sergei Bobrovsky, G, CBJ
At some point, I have to do something to get the home fans on my side. The right call wouldn’t be to pick the hometown boy Nick Foligno. That would be ridiculous. Is he even an All-Star? Oh wait…

Anyway, I’m going to do something daring and be the first one to take a goalie in the draft and select Sergei Bobrovsky. Since Jay and Dan have gone to America, I don’t know what case BOBROVSKY is on right now (and if Fox Sports 1’s ratings are any indication, almost every hockey fan in the USA has no idea what the hell I just said) but he’s on this case now.

Round 9

Team Steve – Claude Giroux, C, PHI
I was going to make another fan favourite pick with this choice but I want to get another of my boys on-board before making that choice. I kind of hope that Jackie won’t ninja me on that. The fact that he’s not an actual ninja will help my cause but we both lived with a ninja one year. True story.

Anyway, if I was to put money on one guy from the Flyers leading the points this year, it wouldn’t have been Voracek. I would have put my money on Giroux. Now, I don’t think that he was so good that you can excuse trading away Richards, Carter and Hartnell but at least they kept someone useful. Seriously, though, Giroux should get out when the going’s good. Buying a Stanley Cup ring on eBay isn’t the same as winning one yourself.

Team Jackie – Shea Weber, NSH, D
Just because Steve has decided to get onto the home side support by snatching up Bobrovsky, it doesn’t mean I’ll immediately jump to Foligno. Not that I don’t like him. He is doing wonders for my hockey pool, but I just have preferences ahead of him. Anyway, gonna load up on my D by taking up the big man from the Predators. He’s got a booming slap shot, though not as powerful as Chara’s but good enough for my liking.

Round 10

Team Jackie – Drew Doughty, LA, D
Sure he plays for a rival team that I don’t support but I like Doughty as a player. Solid defender. Given the slim pickings in the All-Star defenceman category, I’ll take the best ones available for now and leave the rest for Steve.

Team Steve – Zemgus Girgensons, BUF, C
I told you I was coming back for a fan favourite with this pick and I’m not about to disappoint with my pick. While I’m fairly certain that he’ll be sticking around at the end of the draft, the feel good story of this draft is the Latvian star playing for the Latvian national team coach. For no other reason than wanting to be a good sport about the All-Star Game, leading vote getter Zemus Girgensons is on my team.

And to Messrs. Toews and Foligno: You damn well better pick this man long before we start pondering which player will leave with the car for being last pick.

Round 11

Team Steve – Mark Giordano, D, CGY
Since Jackie’s being quite open about snagging all of the fire power, I suppose that I should steal what I can on the blue line before it all disappears. So I’ll take the man who is leading all defencemen in scoring and the top scorer among six of the seven Canadian NHL teams. Yes, as of drafting, Mark Giordano has more points than everyone on Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver. And people wonder why Canada has gone 22 years without a Stanley Cup. Detroit’s north of Windsor. We should count the Wings’ four Cups in that stretch.

Team Jackie – Tyler Johnson, TBL, C
Since Steve is onto the whole feel good story scenario, I should pick one for my team as well. Here’s a guy who went undrafted and all of a sudden he’s a rising star on a young Lightning squad. Heck, he’s having on heck of a season when he is outscoring Steven Stamkos!

Round 12

Team Jackie – Patrick “20 Cent” Kane, CHI, RW
I just can’t drop that nickname. It’s way too catchy. Anyway, he’s a natural scorer. Since I’ve loaded up on centres, I need some snipers on the side to help with my ongoing pursuit of more firepower.

Team Steve – Anze Kopitar, LAK, C
So I think Jackie’s last picks moved us to the halfway point of the draft. Unfortunately, I think all of my boys are off the board. So I’ll take the only guy left that would get even remotely close to boy status and that’s Anze Kopitar, the unsung hero of the Los Angeles Kings. Okay, unsung is a relative term when he’s their best player but he’s a west coast guy so he doesn’t get the credit he clearly deserves. So I’ll do my best and give him the rub here.

Round 13

Team Steve – Carey Price, MTL, G
Like I said, I’m out of boys so I’m just scrambling right now. So it’s the best goalie on the board. But it sucks to be a goalie right now. Pekka Rinne and Jimmy Howard are both out injured and Hockey Ops couldn’t fit Brian Elliot in the game. And somehow I couldn’t parlay my youth as a shitty defenseman to running NHL hockey ops. I thought general shittiness was a qualification for a Hockey Ops job.

Team Jackie – Jaroslav Halak, NYI, G
Noticed that I haven’t really picked any goaltenders yet? That’s only because goaltenders don’t really matter in the All-Star game. It appears every year no one can stop a beach ball. It’s all a scoring fest! If they actually try, I woulda gone for someone by now. Anyway, maybe I should snatch up someone I like before Steve gets the final goalie. Anyway, I’ll pick up Jaroslav Halak. He’s doing wonders for the Islanders this year. Now that he’s providing some solid goaltending, they are all of a sudden in playoff contention and might make it a bit deeper than the first round.

Round 14

Team Jackie – Duncan Keith, CHI, D
He’s not performing anywhere close to his career year but that’s alright. Plus, he’s one of the better defenceman left in the pool now. I can leave Justin Faulk, who happens to have the worst plus/minus of the bunch to Steve.

Team Steve – Ryan Johansen, CBJ, C
Let it not be said that I’m unwilling to pander for crowd support. I’ve already got BOBROVSKY on the case. Now it’s time to get his teammate Ryan Johansen on the team. I would have thought that BOBROVSKY or Johansen would have been the logical picks for team captains for the All-Star Game. After all, Johansen is a CBJ prospect through and through while BOBROVSKY wasn’t a superstar until setting up camp in the state of Ohio.

You realize this is all setting up for Jackie to force me into drafting Foligno, don’t you?

Round 15

Team Steve – Erik Johnson, COL, D
Well, since I’m going to be stuck with the dregs of the blueliners, I might as well take the best one left. Sure, you’ve probably never heard of Johnson but he’s tied for the most goals among defencemen. As Jackie alluded to, All-Star Games are about scoring so why should I get the blueliner that can let it rip from the point to light the lamp?

Team Jackie – Ryan Suter, MIN, D
For old times sake, I’ll take him on since I got Shea Weber already. It would be fun to reunite them since this defensive pairing worked wonders for the Predators eons ago.

Round 16

Team Jackie – Phil “The Thrill” Kessel, TOR, RW
I don’t think Steve would have picked up but I’ll take him on anyway. Despite being on a mediocre Toronto team, he still leads in the scoring department without a proper top line centre. On top of that, I found it amusing he made Australian papers as being the angriest sports superstar. Keep in mind hockey ain’t big in Australia and he still made headlines.

Team Steve – “The Nuge” Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, EDM, C
I’m thinking of scoring and youth and giving guys a chance and I completely forget The Nuge. Sure, he’s having a shitty year but he’s having the best year for the shittiest team in hockey. I don’t care how much worse Buffalo is in the standings and statistics, they haven’t had a shit-tonne of #1 overall picks in recent years that management has squandered into nothing. Getting on Team Steve will be the closest that The Nuge will get to greatness this year.

Round 17

Team Steve – Radim Vrbata, VAN, RW
Sorry, what was I saying about offence? Okay, Vrbata is the 3rd highest scorer on the Canucks and highest guy not named Sedin. That begs the question why those Sedin boys aren’t on the team instead of Vrbata. This whole year’s All-Stars are just getting more farcical as we go through this draft. If cancelling the game for work stoppages and the Olympics doesn’t kill the All-Star Game, the NHL’s Hockey Operations department’s picks will kill it even faster.

Team Jackie – Bobby Ryan, OTT, RW
So Bobby Ryan hasn’t been lighting it up like his good ol’ days in Anaheim when he had someone by the name of Ryan Getzlaf setting up plays for him. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to pick him up in this draft now. He’s still doing alright in a mediocre Ottawa team (still better than the Leafs based on their last game).

Round 18

Team Jackie – Nick Foligno, CLB, LW
I’m gonna save Steve from his misery and take up Foligno since I already trapped him with limited defense. He does have the biggest offensive numbers out of all the remaining all-star candidates, which is great since he’s doing wonders for one of my hockey pools this year. I guess I could use a bit of hometown support in this All-Star game since Steve already snatched up Bobrovsky and Johansen.

Team Steve – Patrice Bergeron, BOS, C
Somehow, I’ve lucked myself into a position of power. With these two picks, I can cover off my last spots at forward and goalie and leave the two blueliners for rounds 20 and 21.

Sadly, neither guy is exactly a stellar choice but Bergeron is quite clearly the better choice of the two. Couldn’t they have picked Adam Henrique for the Devils’ all-star? I would have taken him over Bergeron even though he has fewer points.

Round 19

Team Steve – Roberto Luongo, FLA, G
And for my last goalie pick, I’ve gone with that guy who most certainly isn’t the @Strombone1 character on Twitter. Roberto Luongo might not be the best option of the remaining three goalies but he certainly does qualify as one of my boys. I appreciate a good laugh and he’s certainly good at that. Not as good as the Panthers franchise but he’s okay.

Team Jackie – Marc-Andre Fleury, PIT, G
I have left the goaltending picks til the end because goaltending doesn’t really matter at the All-Star game. It’s just a scoring frenzy. That being said, I’m happy to select Marc-Andre Fleury. While he is reliable during the regular season, his post-season stats leave a lot to be desired. At least he got a Stanley Cup ring under his belt already though.

Round 20

Team Jackie – Corey Crawford, CHI, G
Despite injuring his foot at a concert in December, Corey Crawford still remains reliable as the number 1 goaltender in Chicago. He’s resilient. So that’s bonus points right there.

Team Steve – Oliver Ekman-Larsson, PHX, D
So while I wasn’t too fond of being shackled to picking Ekman-Larsson, in doing my research for the obligatory blurb for my choice, I found out that he leads the league in game winning goals. He’s also tied for 10th in power play goals. So while he might not be on the level of a lot of the other blueliners in the league, apparently, he can blast a mean shot from the point.

Round 21

Team Steve – Justin Faulk, CAR, D
I never even heard of Justin Faulk before this draft. He’s 2nd on Carolina in points to Eric Staal. And that’s all I’ve got. He can take solace in that he wasn’t our last pick.

Team Jackie – Patrik Elias, NJD, C
He’s the last remaining player that I can pick… so yeah.


Team Jackie
Out: Sidney Crosby, PIT, C
In: Johnny Gaudreau, CGY, LW

Team Jackie
Out: Evgeni Malkin, PIT, C
In: Filip Forsberg, NSH, C

Team Steve
Out: Sergei Bobrovski, CBJ, G
In: Brian Elliott, STL, G

Team Steve
Out: Erik Johnson, COL, D
In: Aaron Ekblad, FLA, D

Team Steve Roster

  1. Tyler Seguin (DAL)
  2. Steven Stamkos (TBL)
  3. Kevin Shattenkirk (STL)
  4. Jakub Voracek (PHI)
  5. Rick Nash (NYR)
  6. Jonathan Toews (CHI)
  7. Brent Seabrook (CHI)
  8. Sergei Bobrovsky (CBJ)
  9. Claude Giroux (PHI)
  10. Zemgus Girgensons (BUF)
  11. Mark Giordano (CGY)
  12. Anze Kopitar (LAK)
  13. Carey Price (MTL)
  14. Ryan Johansen (CBJ)
  15. Erik Johnson (COL)
  16. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (EDM)
  17. Radim Vrbata (VAN)
  18. Patrice Bergeron (BOS)
  19. Roberto Luongo (FLA)
  20. Oliver Ekman-Larsson (ARI)
  21. Justin Faulk (CAR)
  22. Brian Elliott (STL)
  23. Aaron Ekblad (FLA)

Team Steve Stats

Forwards: 211 G, 272 A, 483 P, +21
Defensemen: 52 G, 124 A, 176 P, +14
Goalies: 2.15 GAA, 0.927 Sv%, 7 SO

Team Jackie Roster

  1. Ryan Getzlaf (ANA)
  2. Sidney Crosby (PIT)
  3. Brent Burns (SJS)
  4. Dustin Byfuglien (WPG)
  5. John Tavares (NYI)
  6. Alex Ovechkin (WAS)
  7. Vladimir Tarasenko (STL)
  8. Evgeni Malkin (PIT)
  9. Shea Weber (NSH)
  10. Drew Doughty (LAK)
  11. Tyler Johnson (TBL)
  12. Patrick Kane (CHI)
  13. Jaroslav Halak (NYI)
  14. Duncan Keith (CHI)
  15. Ryan Suter (MIN)
  16. Phil Kessel (TOR)
  17. Bobby Ryan (OTT)
  18. Nick Foligno (CBJ)
  19. Marc-Andre Fleury (PIT)
  20. Corey Crawford (CHI)
  21. Patrick Elias (NJD)
  22. Filip Forsberg (NSH)
  23. Johnny Gaudreau (CGY)

Team Jackie Stats

Forwards: 209 G, 289 A, 498 P, +86
Defensemen: 44 G, 132 A, 176 P, +25
Goalies: 2.33 GAA, 0.918 Sv%, 11 SO

Here’s the poll. Which All-Star team would win in the battle between Team Jackie and Team Steve?

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