Entertainment Link-Off: Four Weeks In

kaya-scodelario-instyle-ukTime sure is zipping by quickly. All of a suddenly, January is fast approaching its end and the second month is just around the corner. Gonna kick off the latest edition of the ELO with Kaya Scodelario. She can be found in The Maze Runner and the upcoming Scorch Trials. Also, it has been reported that she’s been tapped to do the next Pirates of the Carribean flick!

After the jump, Simon Pegg is pulling double duty in Star Trek 3, Spielberg had an interesting take on American Sniper, casting news for X-Men: Apocalypse, the Super Bowl has caused a clash between Captain America and Star Lord, you should be watching The 100 and finally Fall Out Boy is channeling some uptown funk.

Add Simon Pegg to the writing credits for Star Trek 3. This is starting to look promising! (Deadline)

Talk about last minute edits. Project Almanac, the found footage time travel pic has just taken out a controversial scene just a week before the release date. (Slashfilm)

Oscar Isaac shares a bit about X-Men: Apocalypse and what his outfit will consist of. (Yahoo)

More details on George Lucas’ original plan for the next set of Star Wars trilogy. He wanted to put his original characters into the background and focus on the new folks whereas the current projects give the likes of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and etc greater roles in the film. (Cinema Blend)

Steven Spielberg came close to directing American Sniper a few years back and his vision for the film is slightly different from Clint Eastwood’s final product. In fact, it woulda fleshed out a greater story but at a much higher budget. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Spoilers beware. Could Andy Serkis’ character in Avengers: Age of Ultron be revealed in this post? (Schmoes Know)

Bryan Singer has revealed his casting choices for a young Jean Grey, Cyclops and Storm. It includes a hint of GoT in there! (Collider)

Production for Deadpool is humming along as it is reported that the film will start shooting in Vancouver sometime this spring! (Global)

Enjoyed The Raid movies? Looking for another sequel? Looks like you might have to wait til 2018 or 2019! (Slashfilm)

Well this surely explains why it feels like there is too many TV shows to watch lately… (Vulture)

A bit of friendly fire between Captain America and Star Lord over the Super Bowl. (USA Today)

Could The 100 be The CW’s most underrated show? I think it could be! (Screen Rant)

NHL + GoPro? Sure why not! (Mashable)

Missed this in previous ELO, but Fall Out Boy does a pretty awesome cover of Uptown Funk.

For those of you following the series David as I have highlighted in the past two weeks, here is episode 3!!!

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