Entertainment Link-Off: Be Careful What You Wish For

maggie graceInto the Woods just hit the screens in Australia so that’s the film that I’m most excited about checking out this weekend. Meanwhile, everyone else can enjoy the third installment to the Taken series as Liam Neeson kicks all kinds of ass once again. Despite the constant decline in quality throughout the film franchise, there’s is always a good reason to see it and it’s all because of Maggie Grace. 

After the jump, Daredevil gets a release date, 50 Shades of Grey is a bit unusual, some Batman related news, Downton Abbey takes on Cards Against Humanity, parkour is probably not the best method for dealing with zombies and watch the first episode of David, the webseries from Youtube artist David Choi.

Mark your calendars! The release date of the Daredevil series is announced along with a nifty motion poster. (Slashfilm)

Looks like the 50 Shades of Grey movie will be slapped with a R rating due to ‘unusual’ behaviour. I guess the film isn’t kinky enough to score that coveted NC-17 rating! (Collider)

Despite the initial ‘success’ of the release model for The Interview, don’t expect future releases to go straight to VOD format. Traditional theatrical release still seems to be the way. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Marvel just loves messing with you. First it was the ant-sized teaser trailer and now an ant-sized poster for Ant Man. (Twitter)

Finally the full sized Ant Man trailer that we can all see!

Gambit finally got a release date and Fantastic Four is gonna be hitting the screens a bit earlier than originally planned. (The Wrap)

The Lego Batman movie will tackle the big topic of whether the Caped Crusader can truly be happy. I like the premise already. (MTV)

Hmm teasing the idea that Batman could one day appear on The CW’s Arrow… (The Hollywood Reporter)

With Matt Damon agreeing to appear in a new Bourne movie, could there be a crossover where Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross meets with Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne? Well… perhaps it ain’t gonna happen just yet. (Collider)

I guess that cliffhanger finale was it. If you’re looking for some resolution to USA’s Covert Affairs, you ain’t gonna get one since the network has axed the long running series. (TV.com)

Cards Against Humanity is a fun game where you throw your filter out the window and just play. Well, the cast of Downton Abbey tackled it to hilarious result. (Buzzfeed)

Meet the real life Peter Griffin. It’s not Seth Macfarlane. It’s an impersonator that sounds and looks the part. (The Daily Dot)

We all knew this was coming when they cast Chris Pratt to star in Jurassic World. Now here’s a nice mashup of Andy Dwyer moments and the Jurassic World trailer. Check out Jurassic Parks and Recreation. Now that they got the ball rolling, I wonder how Ron Swanson would deal with velociraptors.

The live action parkour POV short film based on the zombie game Dying Light is quite intense. If you’re up for some fast paced zombie action, take a look.

Getting a bit of a Robocop vibe from the latest Chappie trailer? You’re probably not the only one.

In the film The Voices, Ryan Reynolds plays a rather likeable factory worker who can talk to animals. Sounds like an innocent comedy right? Just wait til you see how it takes a rather dark turn in the trailer.

Catch the series premiere of David Choi’s latest project, a webseries loosely based on his experiences as a Youtube artist.


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