Wednesday Link-Off: The Report

elizabeth-henstridge-gqmoty14-01The Newsroom catches a lot of flak, mostly from TV critics and Republicans, but it does illustrate an important point. Where would society be without news media doing actual reporting? Social media and crowdsourced reporting will only get you so far. Today’s link show the importance of a healthy fourth estate.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for the links. Since Agents of SHIELD wrapped up its first half last night, here’s Elizabeth Henstridge.

Have you wondered why beer prices are so terrible in Ontario? The Brewers’ Retail, AKA The Beer Store, has an amazing sweetheart deal with the Government of Ontario that gives them a ridiculously powerful legislated monopoly over beer sales. (Toronto Star)

The US Senate Intelligence Committee released its report on the CIA’s torture practices. Here are seven key takeaways from it. (New York Times)

Fifty-four other countries, including Canada, were involved in a CIA program that ran alongside the torture program. They may not have been involved with the actual torture but it seems a bit close for comfort. (Vox)

President Obama has been making the media rounds talking about race relations. What he’s saying is both funny and sad because it’s true. (The Guardian)

Love him or hate him, Jason Whitlock is one of the best writers in America on race relations. Looking at the issues behind protests over Michael Brown and Eric Garner, he, as he would say, gets the damn thing done. (ESPN)

Can Americans chant “we’re number two?” New economic data puts the Chinese economy ahead of the US of A. (MarketWatch)

Not to sound like I’m repeating myself but The New Republic is dead. Long live The New Republic. (New York Magazine)

And another take on the meaning of the effective end of TNR. (Slate)

The UFC has signed CM Punk. What exactly are they getting out of the deal? (The Masked Man)

There’s a mumps outbreak in the NHL. That’s a story I never thought I’d see. (CBC News)

I’m only running this link because I have a friend who’s a Drake fan and I’m slightly scared to send it to her but want to keep it around for future reference. Diddy punched out Drake. (New York Daily News)

Doritos and Yum Brands have teamed up for another glorious culinary creation. This time, it’s a Doritos-covered stuffed crust pizza. Shut up and take my money. (LA Times)

Pop quiz! What’s the difference between an acronym and an initialism? Yes, there’ll be a test later.


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