Wednesday Link-Off: Up in the Air

It’s Jackie here taking over for Steve as he’s exploring life in the big city this week. I’m not as media savvy as Steve, but hopefully there’s enough bizarre stories here to keep you preoccupied for the day. In celebration of the summer finale of White Collar that just aired last night, here’s Hilarie Burton to kick off the link-off.

After the jump, having sex on the job is probably a bad idea, a marathon can’t get in the way between a man and his alcohol, a tour of the house from Disney/Pixar’s Up and apparently there’s a guideline to accurately depict aliens in film.

They said it is dangerous to engage in sexual activity while driving… so what would you say if it goes on in the cockpit in an airplane? Don’t feel too comfortable flying in skies now huh? (The Australian)

A Dunkin’ Donuts employee in New Jersey was arrested for providing some extra services during her late night shifts. (KLTV)

As if there weren’t enough heads shaking in this world, Kanye West just related himself to Hitler. (Radar)

Here’s an ambitious goal: a 61 year old asthmatic woman attempted to swim from Cuba all the way to Florida. (Deadspin) Sadly 29 hours into the swim, she called it quits. (The Toronto Star)

While we’re on the topic of great athletic feats, a man decides to complete a marathon all thanks to a bet that took place in a bar. When the big prize of the bet involves alcohol, it’s all worth it in the end. (The Globe and Mail)

If anyone ever texts you ‘heyyyy’, they actually want something more than just saying hi. (Gizmodo)

Gotta hand it over to the folks in Hong Kong. Despite the fact the four men were caught and arrested for smuggling iPads and iPhones into China… they almost pulled it off with a zip line and a slingshot. (Engadget)

It’s all fine to introduce a day at work for casual wear, but when you start throwing in ideas like ‘mini-skirt Mondays’, you’re just asking for a lawsuit. (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Leaked copies of the film Super 8 have hit the internet and it all traces back to a screener sent to Howard Stern. Uh oh, somebody’s in trouble. (The Wall Street Journal)

In sports, it is common to see teams sign young prospects in hopes that they’ll develop into professional players at some point; however there’s something wrong with the picture here when Madrid inks a 7 year old kid from Argentina… (Sports Illustrated)

Cowboys and Aliens wasn’t exactly a good movie, but of all the complaints out there, the E.T. researchers claimed that the aliens weren’t accurately portrayed in the film. Wait… we’ve encountered aliens before? (blastr)

Jaws and Peanuts mashup = genius! Just imagine the shark being replaced by Snoopi instead. (Badass Digest)

Just for kicks, a list of 25 things that people should stop doing. I’m definitely guilty of going for Dippin Dots. (College Humor)

Well if you’re not gonna spend the money to pull off an elaborate proposal in a stadium or a movie theatre… just do it in front of a camera during a news broadcast. Whether it was intentional or not, it certainly helped generate a lot of attention for a couple in Kansas City.

A special message from Attack the Block director Joe Cornish and star John Boyega. Please don’t talk or text during the movie… or else John Boyega will come and bite your ass off.

Remember that real life replica of the house from Disney/Pixar’s Up? Now it’s time for a video tour of the insides of the home!


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