Sunday Link-Off: Important Topics of Discussion

rachel-mortenson-fredericks14-11I think that I’ve mentioned it before but there are three linkdumps a year that are exceptionally difficult to do: The one following July 4th, the one of the two following Christmas because you can only run so many year-in-review links and this one following US Thanksgiving. We do have some links for you but not as many as usual.

However, to make up for the relative lack of links, here’s the return of an old favourite. It’s American model Rachel Mortenson.

With the recent protests in Ferguson and support protests in Toronto, we shouldn’t be settling for “we’re not as bad as them” as a positive for Canadian society. (Toronto Life)

It’s not just 18-year-olds or Ferguson that has to deal with police racism. A 12-year-old in Cleveland was shot for having an airsoft gun and the police are trying to justify it. (Gawker)

And I’m not the only person who thinks there a shift in the discourse about sexual assault. It looks like the Ghomeshi story has started making investigating sexual assaults a big deal. (MacLean’s)

With Jian now in the midst of criminal proceedings over the sexual assault accusations, Kevin Donovan has another update on the story. (Toronto Star)

The City of Toronto is trying to shut down Uber in Toronto before they can really establish a foothold. They even brought in a private investigator to bring it down from the inside. (The Globe and Mail)

Schools in Chicago are adding computer science to the core curriculum. I wish that schools were as forward thinking when I was in high school. Granted, they’re at least ten years late with a move like this. (Washington Post)

Rangers FC was once one of the two great Scottish soccer teams. Now, they’re a shadow of their former greatness after poor management and ownership. (Vice Sports)

Janay Rice gives her account of what happened that night in Atlantic City. (ESPN)

Billionaire Warren Buffet and Detroit Lions pummeller Ndamukong Suh are friends. Who’da thunk it? (Wall Street Journal)

You hear about your Howes and your Gretzkys and your Crosbys but how often do we get in-depth looks at the career of Mario Lemieux. (Post-Gazette)

OSW Review is back with another big review. This time, it’s for last weekend’s Survivor Series. However, OOC doesn’t watch the current product and V1 just gave up on it. So Jay brings in a very special guest.

Related to that, here’s the Botchamania special on The Great Khali.


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