Entertainment Link-Off: The Awakening

the veronicas aria 2014It’s a big weekend. Not only is it Thanksgiving over in the States, big movie trailers have been released! Namely the new Star Wars flick and the latest installment of the Jurassic Park franchise. So many things to look forward to in 2015! Anyway in other entertainment news, The Veronicas recently released their new album and it’s quite good. Definitely go check it out! Meanwhile, let’s start it all off with their latest appearance at the ARIA awards.

After the jump, the aforementioned trailers, Independence Day 2 is happening, the movie universe model is not looking so good, Stan Lee’s latest film cameo is a bit animated, and watch Batman and Darth Vader fight to the death.

First up, the teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Of course once the trailer comes out, it’s time to break down every little bit of it and overanalyze it! Here’s a closer look at the newly released clip for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. (Collider)

The Independence Day sequel is getting the go-ahead from FOX; however contrary to previous rumours, it will be a single film rather than two flicks shot back to back. In addition to this, it looks like it will be very unlikely for Will Smith reprise his role in the upcoming flick. (Deadline)

James Gunn writes an interesting piece on the ‘shared universe’ model that’s going on in Hollywood right now. Sure it is working well for certain things like Star Wars or Marvel right now but the recent boom in other franchises is a worrying sight… especially if they’re half-realized visions that’s only purpose is to make more money. (Entertainment Weekly)

Ridley Scott defends his choice of having a primarily white cast in Exodus: Gods and Kings because if he didn’t go for whitewashing, he would have trouble financing the big budget film. Ahh even in Hollywood, there is very little progress going on. (Slashfilm)

Speaking of Exodus: Gods and Kings, the Thanksgiving trailer really amps up on the epic scale for the movie. The CG could still use some work though.

You’ve been patiently waiting and guess what?! The Jurassic World trailer was released a few days early (probably they wanted to avoid the clash with the Star Wars Episode VII teaser). Check out Chris Pratt riding with some raptors! It’s gonna be awesome.

Breaking down the Jurassic World trailer. It also points out a shot from the clip that won’t make it to the final product! (IGN)

Director Colin Trevorrow also sat down to discuss about the movie and the teaser trailer. I like what he has to say and I am definitely looking forward to the film’s release in June. (Empire)

If you stay after the credits for Big Hero 6, you can catch a glimpse of an animated Stan Lee in his cameo role for the film! (Mashable)

Sylvester Stallone admits that he messed up The Expendables 3 by turning it PG-13. Expendables 4 will be back to rated R though! Are people still interested in this franchise? (Crave)

It’s not looking good Red Banders! FOX has halted production on the first year drama Red Band Society! (Entertainment Weekly)

Comedies are definitely not NBC’s specialty anymore. (Variety)

Game of Thrones launches a teaser trailer for season 5 and a link to a mysterious website related to the show. (The Hollywood Reporter)

The final trailer for The Interview shows that two guys can bond over a Katy Perry song.

Watch Batman and Darth Vader fight to the death in the latest Super Power Beatdown!

Doesn’t the special Christmas promo for AMC Theatres featuring the Minions make you wanna see the actual full feature film sooner?

Latest Honest Trailers tackles Love Actually and somehow brilliantly shows us how it is kinda like Pulp Fiction.

Watch Rashida Jones and Jimmy Fallon create holiday parodies the hit songs of 2014.

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